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‘a historical ship’
↳ Henry & Anne (The Tudors)

I beg you, my entirely beloved, not to frighten yourself nor be too uneasy at our absence, for wherever I am, I am yours. No more at present, from lack of time, but that I wish you in my arms, that I might a little dispel your unreasonable thoughts. Written by the hand of him who is and always will be yours.


royal meme | monarchs 2/10 

Anne Boleyn, Queen of England (c. 1501-36)

“Captivating to men, Anne was also sharp, assertive, subtle, calculating, vindictive, a power dresser and a power player, perhaps a figure to be more admired than liked.”
- Eric Ives

Anne Boleyn was the most controversial and scandalous woman ever to sit on the throne of England. From her early days at the imposing Hever Castle in Kent, to the glittering courts of Paris and London, Anne caused a stir wherever she went. Alluring but not beautiful, Anne’s wit and poise won her numerous admirers at the English court, and caught the roving eye of King Henry.

Anne was determined to shape her own destiny, first through a secret engagement to Henry Percy, the heir of the Earl of Northumberland, and later through her insistence on marriage with the king, after a long and tempestuous relationship as his mistress. Their love affair was as extreme as it was deadly, from Henry’s ‘mine own sweetheart’ to 'cursed and poisoning whore’ her fall from grace was total.

Neither saint nor seductress, victim or witch Anne Boleyn was essentially a modern woman. She saw her opportunities and took them, causing a scandal that shocked England and Europe.


the white queen meme:

ten characters; anne neville
“Take care you do not cut the Neville affinity away from yourself. I am the Kingmaker’s daughter, and many in the North only follow you for love of me. They’ll turn against you if they think you shame me.“


A force to be reckoned with.. for 5 years my girls and I have stuck together, been there for eachother and grown into not only best friends but sisters.. that will always always have eachothers backs! We’ve been through break ups, we’ve been at our lowest but we have always helped eachother come out stronger on the other end! Call me the luckiest girl alive, because this is a dream I am living, but I get to live it with 3 of the most talented, special individuals Alive. Now let’s smash the shit out of this!