ann angel pics


Horrible pics. But this is what I bought, I also bought a p5/joker poster for jason, 3 pokemon pins for Mario and ann keychain for Angel (Pics not shown).

The official soukoku poster, I was only going buy the one where they are wearing glasses. but I saw the package and saw the other ones and I was ‘ASDFGHJKL; SOUKOKU’ and asked if she had had them. She said she wasn’t sure, that she’ll have to check the boxes. so there we were, then like the box was almost done and she was just “Don’t worry! If its not in this box, I have another box to look!”, so continuing looking and then ‘I think I found it.’ I was so happy ‘YYYESSS THANK YOU~~~” 

Chuuya nendoroid, were around 65-70 in most booths, we passed by this one  that had him and Dazai for $50. I just ‘can I have the chuuya nendoroid’. I was planing on buying Dazai, but I had to buy the poster for Jason.

The yuri on ice fanart. I wasn’t even planing on buying. But we saw them and like “HOLYSHIT THATS BEAUTIFUL’ next thing you know we both bought the art book. Then as I wanted a poster as well, so I told her I which one I wanted, she gave me that one instead XD, I have no problem with it tho. So its ‘I DIDN’T CHOOSE THE POSTER, THE POSTER CHOSE ME’.