imagine shizuo living in a house in a secluded area with not a lot of people and a lot of grass, trees, and flowers. he sits outside and listens to the sound of gushing water in a nearby river. celty, kasuka, and his other friends visit a lot and bring him pudding. he smiles more and he’s finally not afraid, he’s at peace.

Flavour vs Family vs Generation 

You have your quarks and leptons: 

There are 12 flavours. You can think of it as 12 types since the word flavour doesn’t have a significant meaning, it’s just refering to the 12 different types of quarks and leptons. There’s 6 quark flavours, 6 lepton flavours, for a total of 12 flavours. You can also refer to the neutrinos as 3 neutrino flavours, since there’s 3 types of neutrinos. 

Then you got your generations, aka families. They mean the same thing. See the top quarks is just a heavier version of the charm quark which is just a heavier up quark, so the up quark is part of the 1st generation (orange background), the charm is part of the 2nd generation (green background), the top is part of the 3rd generation (blue background). 

Same with the other ones, the bottom quark is a heavier strange quark is a heavier down quark; the tau is a heavier muon is a heavier electron (as for the neutrinos, we’re not too sure about neutrino masses yet). There’s no difference in interaction (again with exceptions) or properties like charge or spin between generations, they’re just heavier and less stable (ie. will easily decay) versions of the first generation. Because the 2nd and 3rd generations tend to decay into the 1st generation, protons and neutrons are made of up and down quarks, with an electron orbiting it (as oposed to a muon or tau) (again the neutrinos are weird).