Promotional images for the attraction Dinosaurs In The Wild, created by Tim Haines. Graphics by Impossible Pictures.

The signs as dinosaurs

(Note: these are real photographs of dinosaurs. They are in no way artist’s renditions. Dinosaurs are real and I will fight you on that)

Aries: Pterodactyl

Taurus: Apatosaurus

Gemini: Megalodon

Cancer: Ganeosaurus

Leo: Liopleurodon

Virgo: Pachycephalosaurus

Libra: Hadrosaur

Scorpio: Velociraptor

Sagittarius: Triceratops

Capricorn: Ankylosaurus

Aquarius: Diplodocus

Pisces: Stegosaurus

Have a few dinosaurs I’ve been drawing lately! I’ve been considering doing some as pins?? I dunno yet. In the meantime, they are available at my redbubble!!

:hyperendocrin ankylosaurus:
Almost dubbed the ‘gentle giant’ of the isle, if it weren’t for the fickle temper it kept from it’s infamous relative. It fears little to nothing, As the excessive development of armour on it’s back has rendered it nearly invulnerable, additionally it’s broadened back and steady gait has led it to serve as a ride for the small and brave. The only down side to the extra armour is it’s clubbed tail, being far heavier and much more taxing to swing.
It can’t attack often, but when it does it’s tail will hit with a force that can demolish a truck with a single swing.


Featured species of Dinosaurs In The Wild:

-Tyrannosaurus rex
-Triceratops horridus
-Ankylosaurus magniventris
-Alamosaurus sanjuanensis
-Thescelosaurus neglectus
-Dakotaraptor steini
-Quetzalcoatlus northopi
-Prognathodon curri