Last Note: Anku-san and Mafumafu-kun just uploaded a utattemita collab. When utaites collab together, they usually come up with nice names for their collab unit by mixing both their names. So even though it was not requested for, i came up with a name for them! Yep, this, it has to be this!

Name of collab unit: afuafu あふあふ

** a(あ) from anku(あんく) and fu(ふ) from mafu(まふ)

絵かき対決(Un:c 、伊東歌詞太郎、ショボン)

  • Doraemon

(Right: Un:c ,Top: Ito Kashitaro ,Bottom Left: Shobon)

  • Totoro

(Right: Un:c ,Middle: Ito Kashitaro ,Left: Shobon)

(Right: Un:c ,Middle: Shobon ,Left: Ito Kashitaro)

  •  Hatsune Miku

(Right: Un:c ,Middle: Ito Kashitaro ,Left: Shobon)

(Right: Un:c ,Middle: Ito Kashitaro ,Left: Shobon)

(Right: Un:c ,Middle: Ito Kashitaro ,Left: Shobon)

  •  Luffy from One Piece

(Right: Ito Kashitaro ,Middle: Un:c ,Left: Shobon)


「幻日」  -  Vocal : Un:c

◆ Music:buzzG
◆ Illust.:深町なか
◆ Video:大鳥(Otori
◆ Engineering:友達募集P(TomoboP
◆ Mix:Kyoya Hishi

Un:c’s cover of  「 幻日 」 which is included in his 3rd album “Ikusenman Love Letters”, April 30th 2015 release!


un:c uploaded “Youkai Taisou Daiichi”! 

*He did a odottemita and utattemita for this.