Say it like you mean-green by blacberri101 featuring zipper bags

Plus size club dress, $43
Luichiny black platform heels, $95
Zipper bag, $98
Ankora beaded bangle, $75
Worthington enamel bangle, $12
Stud earrings, $11
Diane von Fürstenberg leather belt, $135
Daisy Edp 50 ml - Marc Jacobs Fragrances - Transparent - Dofter -…
Nars Large Than Life Lip Place Vendôme, £19
Mean Green Nail Polish, $2.80

I felt like drawing Ankora in Ghibli style, and then I decided to add the other two luck dragons of Anpanman in as well, making up the Medium and Small Totoros. X3

Just for reference to non-Anpanman watchers, Carena (the yellow female luck dragon) is actually the same size as Ankora in Anpanman, while Koankora (the little boy luck dragon) is about the size that Carena is in this picture

…And I’m probably the only one that refers to them as luck dragons.