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Ohh, tell us about the modern au/amu discworld music headcanons, please?

ALRIGHT here we go please forgive my relatively small music knowledge but these are my Opinions 

  • Rincewind is notorious for liking Approximately Six Bands/Singers and never listening to anything else. These include: Bob Dylan, a couple of blues artists (Blind Lemon Jefferson for sure, possibly Billie Holiday), and some depressing indie/folk rock bands like The Front Bottoms. 
  • Ponder loves prog rock, technopop, 8-bit music, and really obscure nerd rock type bands. Also, video game soundtracks.
  • Magrat listens to anything that you would find in a twee New Age-y shop, but especially Enya.
  • I think Granny is also a “these six artists are Who I Listen To” person. I think they are all women. One of those artists is Merry Clayton. Another is Brandi Carlisle. She likes a lot of old-fashioned country and scratchy-voiced woman folk singers ala Berzilla Wallin but quarrels with the songs if she thinks they’re silly. She also enjoys Joan Jett but would never admit this. No that was not her singing along to “Bad Reputation” in the quad at 2am. Definitely not.
  • Nanny loves pop. All of it. Especially the vaguely innuendo-y kind. It’s just fun and you can dance to it, what more do you want?? Pink is one of her faves. That absolutely was her singing along to “Raise Your Glass” in the quad at 1am. I believe she enjoys a lot of ‘80s stuff as well as contemporary.
  • I feel like Sam Vimes listens almost exclusively to gravely old dudes? I definitely think he likes Johnny Cash. Possibly also Tom Waits? I think, however, that Sybil has converted him to at least one Unexpected Musical Trend, but I can’t decide what it is.
  • Speaking of which: Sybil. Broadest musical taste in AM. Opera, classical, pop, folk, rap, country, metal, she listens to it all. She also sings along to all of it, beautifully.

If anyone is having trouble coming up with ideas for the AMU AU Let’s Draw Discworld challenge, here’s a suggestion: the TV comedy Community has loads of quotes that could be used for inspiration. For example, here’s an idea that’s based on a scene from the show.

[Adora Belle Dearheart is holding a clipboard. Gytha, Magrat & Agnes (all young at the same time, because: AU) are holding brooms, which they are using to clean up the place.]
Adora: I’ve graded your efforts, on a scale from five to one, based on how much you’ve contributed to organizing our-
Gytha: [innocent look] Epic boozer and beano rave-up-from-the-knees-up party night?
Adora: [glares] …“Rescue The Robots” student soiree charity fundraiser.
[Gytha smiles and holds out a dustpan, to catch the ash Adora’s angrily flicking off her cigarette]
Adora: Your grades are as follows… [hands out pieces of paper]
Adora: 5s have lives, 4s have chores. [Cheery gets a 5, Angua a 4]
Adora: 3s have fleas, 2s have blues…
William de Worde: [holding a 3] More like blue BALLS, eh, Moist?
Moist: [hissing past his 2, looking longingly at Adora, who’s completely ignoring him] Shut UP, Willy!
Adora: [furious] And 1s don’t get a rhyme, because they’re RUBBISH!
[Rincewind flinches back, clutching a large sack protectively and suckling on a potato]
Rincewind: What?! I brought snacks and refreshments!
Ponder: Technically, raw potatoes don’t count as "snacks”, except in the sense that they’re sorta like… proto-chips. Frankly, I doubt you could increase sales by marketing them as “embryonic crisps”, although I could try to compile data with-
Bursar: [clearly on drugs] Swiggity swoobers, here come the tubers.
Ridcully: [chalking pool cue] Shut up, Burso.

Discworld AMU headcanon:

Mr. Pump is a maintenance guy around the apartment buildings who has been befriended by Adora, and whenever Moist gets drunk and rambles about his feels for her, he goes to Mr. Pump for advice, and he’s basically Moist’s wingman, and yeah.

you know how sometimes you draw something, and you don’t like how part of it came out, so you just crop the good bit? this is what happens when you do that and it gets away from you

Precious is in two books, barely, and I love her and she needs to be in AMU ok


Before you start planning your holiday in Ankh-Morpork (or any other picturesque region of the Disc), remember to watch the series of Discworld Tourist Guide videos:

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(Twoflower would probably have benefited greatly from watching them.)

Noon in Ankh-Morpork took some time, since twelve o'clock was established by consensus. Generally, the first bell to start was the one in the Teachers’ Guild, in response to the universal prayers of its members. Then the water clock on the Temple of Small Gods would trigger the big bronze gong. The black bell in the Temple of Fate struck once, unexpectedly, but by then the silver pedal-driven carillon in the Fools’ Guild would be tinkling, the gongs, bells and chimes of all the Guilds and temples would be in full swing, and it was impossible to tell them apart, except for the tongueless and magical octiron bell of Old Tom in the Unseen University clock tower, whose twelve measured silences temporarily overruled the din.

And finally, several strokes behind all the others, was the bell of the Assassins’ Guild, which was always last.

—  Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms.