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Beautiful One-Of-A-Kind African Print maxi length skirt. The skirt is handmade using several yards of fabric that have been placed into panels to make it full and wide.

This skirt is a gem and there will only ever be one of it.

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My Time in Ogidi-Ijumu came to an end yesterday. With the indigo pit finally ready I was able to dye the threads and the textiles I was preparing over the previous weeks. For so many people Nigerian (and by extension all west african) textiles bring to mind wax print ankara cloth, but for me and the other artisans at the Nike Art Center in Ogidi  the ancient arts of  Adire Oniko Adire Eleko, Aso-ofi and Aso-oke are at the core of the long and rich tradition of adornment. I would like to thank Mrs. Agnes Umeche for being such a patient and fantastic teacher I cant wait to share what you have taught me with students in the U.S.A!

One of a kind African Bohemian ruched skirt handmade from high quality printed Kente Fabric. The picture says it all… Feminine and full… I have used several yards of fabric to create some drama. With 8 wide panels, this skirt really makes a statement whilst being still very light in weight.


There is only one of this skirt. It fits waist sizes from 27" to 34"… The hip size is free as it is really wide. The length of the skirt is 42" (107cm)

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Ankara means African Waxes and its is a textile that usually showcases patterns with very colorful and vibrant designs. It is mostly made of cotton or a cotton/poly material. Originally the wax resistant dyed fabrics were all over the Gold Coast and spread over West Africa into Central Africa and were largely produced in Nigeria. Some history will try to credit the Dutch with creation of this textile but the patterns are clearly distinct and consistent with traditional African culture and textiles. Ankara Fabric became extremely popular over time and was initially worn as every day casual outfits customized to suit the designs of the person wearing it. As of recent years Ankara Fabric Designs are primarily made in Ghana with some production in Nigeria as well and has a strong cultural, social, and economic importance.  Ankara Fabric has evolved as it is now used more frequently in various ceremonies and making its impact on Global mainstream Fashion in recent years. A few different Black celebrities have worn this textile including Solange who has been very influential in popularizing Ankara as she has championed the style by wearing it during different appearances and in media publications. Ankara Fabric is unique with great African Historical and cultural significance… SanCopha! Written By: @Champion_Us

I’m not going to lie it makes me salty af seeing African-American kids wearing African print items because it’s the fashion trend now. I remember when I was growing up and my parents used to make me wear ankara/kente clothes to graduation and special events at school when it wasn’t popular the African-American kids used to make fun of me the most and now the same kids are rocking it, ok….