Boom, by Anjulie

This is a wonderfully little sultry song. Honestly, this is one of those songs that I can see in a soundtrack of my life whenever I’m feeling really attractive and confident and falling for someone, haha!

And then a boom shalaka, he’s walkin’ up to me
Boom shalaka, he starts to talk to me
Boom shalaka, my heart skips
Boom shalaka laka, boom, boom


Love Songs
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That girl I used to be,
Cynical and heartbreak-free,
Confidence exude in me, now…

I fall so easy for cheesy things in life;
Sad, sad movies make me cry…
Pretty people I admire, I used to hate;
I fall so easy for the stupid little lines,
Hollywood and sunny skies,
Fancy restaurants with three forks and knives;
I fall so easily in love, in love…

Anjulie - Love Songs


I asked Zack to do a dance to this song and for me to be his partner. For the hell of it. He’s refusing to do so because he doesn’t think I have the experience for it nor does he want to invest that much time. But the real kicker was this part of his reply:

  “I have a hard time keeping my hormones in check when not actually ‘on the job’ at a studio. Ask Chelsea. She was dating a huge asshole while I was getting her ready for the pageant and so I was constantly telling her the things I could do for her and to her. So all things considered. Bad idea”

Way to kill the mood bro.