Behind the Scenes of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (Part One)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 414

“It’s such a privilege,” says Anjli Mohindra (Rani), “We are so lucky, because David is a legend, really.  Hopefully, it’s going to do this show a lot of favours. There’s so much to learn from David’s energy playing the Doctor. He’s great, and completely committed.”

“When he’s on set, he’s so animated,” agrees Tommy Knight (Luke). “He makes the scene more upbeat. Everybody raises their game. It’s a faster pace. It’s really, really brilliant to work with someone like that.”

Were the young cast nervous on their first day with David?   Anjli nods. “For the first scene we shot, actually one of the last in the episode, we had to pretend to be in awe, but we didn’t have to act that at all.  I’d never met David before, but neither had my character, luckily, so it’s nice to have that actual, real kind of shyness on screen.  Still, you have to try hard to contain it, and channel your shyness into the work.”

“I was nervous on my first day, too,” says Daniel [Anthony], “because I thought it’d be all of us - me, Tommy, Anjli, and David - but it was just me and David!  I had like a private screening, almost, showing me what he can do.  He’s seriously amazing. It’s wicked to be working with him.  I learnt a lot. You can ask him anything. I was well starstruck.”

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NewCompanionHopes: Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra


Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out:

  • Rani and Clyde were main characters on The Sarah Jane Adventures and while it’s been several years, that never stopped the Doctor from coming back, did it? They had a huge fanbase and it would certainly create a lot of buzz and interest to bring back these beloved characters.
  • Both the actors already have extensive experience in sci-fantasy and the Whoniverse in particular.
  • The characters are not newbies. They know the alien ropes from Sarah Jane.
  • We haven’t had a full time MOC companion and full time male companions in general are few and far between. Mickey was recurring, Danny was recurring (and not really a companion although he was an important character), Jack was recurring and white, and Rory was white. Anthony would be an excellent addition to the male companion fold.
  • Mohindra is of Indian descent and there has yet to be a full time companion of Indian descent in NuWho.
  • We haven’t haven’t had two POC companions at the same time. This would add some great diversity to Team TARDIS.

It’s true, the drawbacks of this include two more 20-something, modern day companions and another couple on the TARDIS, if they were to keep the previous SJA continuity that was leading Clyde and Rani toward couplehood. But by far the biggest obstacle is the issue of Sarah Jane herself. I don’t, however, believe she makes a Clani+Twelve Team TARDIS impossible.

Unlike Luke, Rani and Clyde were friends of the Smiths. In the distant future, Rani lives in Sarah Jane’s house, so unless time is rewritten again, it’s probably safe to say the SJA group remains close. That said, Luke went off to University and Clyde and Rani will too. Twelve could take up with them there, adventure with them a while, and drop them right back off where he found them. If the issue of Sarah Jane and Luke ever came up, you could potentially show the TARDIS landing in front of Sarah Jane’s house or in the attic at the end of an episode (possibly include an archive footage voice clip of her welcoming the new Doctor into her home from off-screen) and leave the rest of the meeting to the audience’s imaginations.


“I don’t get why he wants to go to uni anyway. We’ve got K-9 and Mr Smith - he could learn everything from them.”
“But he’s gotta meet new people, do new things.”