China’s Anji Bridge, built in 605 CE, is the largest and oldest stone-arched bridge in the world and is still in use today. It’s survived 1400 years of floods, war, and earthquakes without needing to have any of its 28 original structural slabs replaced. 

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A girl I went to school with is missing. She lives in my town, and she’s been gone for over 2 weeks.. so much creepy stuff went with it. She said she had gotten into something bad and was way in over her head. Her parents found a cell phone that they didn’t know she had. She told her boyfriend that someone was threatening to kill him and her family. She wrote in her journal: “If you’re reading this, I’m missing or dead.” It’s believed she was pushed into human trafficking… Do you know how fucking scary that is? Her name is Anji Dean and we went to school together freshman and sophomore year. She wasn’t the nicest person to me, but she doesn’t deserve this. I really hope she’s okay…

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