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I’m sure at this point most of the fandom has put more thought into the quadrants than Hussie has.

i know right

especially since i’m pretty sure that his actual intent for “quadrants” was an attempt at extracting the components that, in varying degrees, make up all types of relationships, and to use it to illustrate the super-literal, utilitarian nature of troll culture and relationships by emphasizing how they are only capable of/encouraged to feel one of these things at a time for a person, even if these feelings do “vacillate.”

the fandom has really made it into something much more interesting though and i actually like reading various people’s interpretations of the concept

what initiates the fullbody eyeroll is when people are like


Wanna make art with me?

I’m thinking of making one of those 30  day art challenge things- it’d be open to multiple mediums and prompt based, so if you get a topic like “Dragons,” and want to write a story you can, or you can draw or paint or do an interpretive dance or whatever inspires you that day.
Would any of my followers like to join?

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2 year unpaid system seems to be the norm of how they run learning about it. Sort of ‘school for free labor’ type thing.

Yeah that’s pretty standard, but my last apprenticeship came with the provision that

- after completing certain coursework and skills tests, I would be allowed to tattoo simple things (like names) to build upon my skills as well as earn some income for myself, though the shop would keep like 40% of the money to pay for using their equipment and stuff

- after a probationary period of 500 hours I would have some protection against being terminated with no explanation. 

I made it through like 400-something hours of said probationary period lol. During that time, my boss and his about-to-be-licensed pet apprentice liked to brag that they were both tattooing within the first month of their apprenticeships. However, I wasn’t ever allowed to work on the necessary coursework to be able to tattoo, nor was I allowed to take it home to complete on my off days. Still it was somehow my fault that I hadn’t completed it.

My work in the shop consisted of nothing but cleaning the back room (over and over and over and over again, despite it being always spotlessly clean because it was a slow time of year and we didn’t get very many tattoos in a day), going to buy cigarettes for the other artists, and constantly panicking because there was no work for me to do and if I got caught working on my linearts or studying my textbook there would be hell to pay. Sometimes I got to work the front counter if one of the girls up there didn’t come in, and that was cool because I got to actually interact with customers and learn some of the business end of the trade.

Other than that, the only thing I learned about tattooing was how to clean barrels and use the autoclave.

I know the shop work is pretty standard fare for tattoo apprenticeships, it’s just that I did literally nothing else. I didn’t get to learn anything. I didn’t get to watch the boss tattoo. Basically I cleaned up their shop, they got all the free labor they legally could out of me, and then they fired me.

As much as I’d love to tattoo, I’m really really scared to go through that kind of experience again. :/