Wanna make art with me?

I’m thinking of making one of those 30  day art challenge things- it’d be open to multiple mediums and prompt based, so if you get a topic like “Dragons,” and want to write a story you can, or you can draw or paint or do an interpretive dance or whatever inspires you that day.
Would any of my followers like to join?

anjelsroost replied to your post: anjelsroost replied to your post: aloyalenemy…

I have a lovely little cage that you would just look darling in and no one else would ever touch you again. OuO

 anjelsroost replied to your postPollux, imagine you. Now imagine me. Now imagine me hugging you. How’s that for a graphic scene?

Damnit Anon I will get my broom!

Anjel, you know damn well that I am too delicate for the BDSM lifestyle. I’M A BUTTERFLY, YOU HAVE TO LET ME SPREAD MY WINGS!