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Makeup Mondays:

Anja Konstantinova photographed by Elliot & Erick for Schön! online, July 2016. Makeup by Bo Brinkenfalk.

“Do me one last favor… and don’t you cry!”

shows up over half a year late with starbucks and sad psmd fanart

psmd broke my heart and i’m STILL NOT OVER IT TBH

(also shout-out to my team for being cuties! tamsin the fennekin and anja the pikachu are adorable girls who are super gay for each other >:3c)


Indivisible got that extension! Throw money at the Indiegogo so it can reach it’s 1,500,000 dollar goal! I don’t think you guys understand, this game needs to happen! We may never get another Valkyrie Profile-styled game again! Plus, it’s Lab Zero, and they delivered on every promise they made with Skullgirls, so you know they’re legit!

They got prototypes out for you to test the game yourself to see if you like it, which is more than some other indie titles out there have!


for the anon who asked me about a week ago to pleease post a tutorial on my art! here u go!!!

i wasn’t really sure how to do this but? i hope this is fine! i’m gonna explain each step a little under the cut, if you’re wondering what’s really happening in the gif!

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Companion piece to my previous portrait of at-smoelfe, this time it’s anya-aesthetics! Can’t have one without the other! Still playing around with the balance between realism and stylized, not sure but I guess I’m happy with it?

This was partially made to mark the one year anniversary of our friendship here on tumblr! Thanks for being so nice to me my danish Tali <3