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D20 Tumblr Endorsements!

VONKA ROMANOV (photo by Ben Trivett) - Vonka has performed with us several times and traveled with us out to Gen Con in 2013. Check out her modeling, performance, and other likes (some NSFW) on her tumblr!

IRIS EXPLOSION (photo by Melody Mud) - Iris has been with us from early on as a performer, often co-hosts con/tour shows and has hosted burlesque for many different shows in many different places.  Her tumblr is a great mix of nerdy posts, feminist insight and sex positive posts with a healthy dose of WTF. 

STELLA CHUU (photo by Kate Black) Stella debuted with D20 Burlesque over 3 years ago and has grown to be a dynamic powerhouse of a performer. A wonderful funny and sexy performer, plus a mesmerizing go-go dancer, Stella is actually more well known for her cosplay work. Her tumblr is great mix of her cosplay work, behind the scene selfies and her daily life. 

NASTY CANASTA (photo by Leland Bobbe) It’ always a thrill when we can get Nasty Canasta on our stage! A hero and inspiration in the neoburlesque community, Nasty is known for her strange and comedic acts, plus she runs the NYC chapter of Naked Girls Reading. YAY Lit Nerds! Her tumblr is a great mix of her wonderful backstage antics, performance pictures, and 70’s swagger. 

ANJA KEISTER (photo by Sean Patrick Hale) Anja is the founder and co-producer of D20 Burlesque. Anja is also a makeup artist, so her tumblr is a mix of burlesque, vintage hollywood, pop culture and makeup.

Lewd Alfred Douglas (image courtesy of his tumblr) Lewd Alfred started as D20 Burlesque’s resident DJ and has quickly become a regular perfumer. Along with performing and being a dapper dandy, he is a skilled puppeteer and artist.  His blog combines his artworks, his charming life, queer issues and a big old helping of erotica.