SHINee interview for Bliss UK

So what exactly does SHINee mean?

Onew: “SHINee means ‘the one in the light’. Which is what we want all our fans to be - in the SHINee spotlight regardless of their age or region.”

How do you feel when you perform to screaming fans?

Onew: “Performing on stage is addictive. I feel joy and happiness and I wouldn’t change that.”
“There are times when you get tired, but once you’re on stage it’s gone… then on it’s just fun!”

Sounds ace! How do your UK fans compare to others?

Minho: “You can tell they’re having fun as they dance along to our music.”
“The way they cheer, they show no limits!”

That must be why they told us to stay in our seats during the concert! You got mobbed at the airport when you arrived in the UK. Are your fans always that enthusiastic?

Key: “Our fans are extremely passionate.”
“Fans always welcome us, and it feels great so we can’t complain!”
“There are some fans that follow us to the office and hotels. It’s a surprise that we manage to get around!

What makes you different to other K-Pop groups?

Onew: "The synergy and harmony between all five of us.”
Taemin: “We are unique in everything that we do, from our fashion to performances.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t pop stars?

Jonghyun: “I’d be a songwriter.”
“I’d be an average university student who is into sports.”
Key and Onew:
“Yeah we’d just be university students too!”
“I’ve always wanted to be a pilot.”

I was tagged - so here 1o facts about myself:

- I wear glasses

- my friends say that I’m obsessed with homosexuals

- my room is a huge chaos rn

- I usually have cold hands and feet

- my watch broke this week

- I like food

- if I don’t know the people around me very good I’m really quiet but I’m a freak around my friends

- I’ll go to the music bank concert in paris

- I want Seungie to hug me

- I love food

w-oozi  asked:

I ship you with Yoseob forever because it's a very realistic and cute ship (◡‿◡✿)

Wow Steph, I couldn’t agree with you more and I’m glad you ship me with my yeobo (◡‿◡✿)


taeil looks like a ittle ittle baby~