// Greetings to you!

If you are malevolent, or a benevolent Sim God or Goddess ~
Let me tickle your fancy. The Sims I watch over are ancient.

I have chosen* a young daughter, Raak-Ti, as a child of my blessing.
She will have my focus and attention on the Isle of Simtav.

Her mother is Princess Amica, currently wed to Prince Octave.
Her father is a slave of the Prince, Ah-Rak Ali. //

*I despise when I realized I misspelled something before I save*

Hi Simblr, I’m Anitka! I play Ancient Sims, and really didn’t know how to get attention. Please reblog! Maybe someone will be interested in my odd little history!



Click on the images to see them in full resolution!

I’m almost 700, but anyway, didn’t want to wait. First of all, I don’t have enough words to thank you guys for being always so nice and kind, I’m really happy I had joined this community full of amazing people ♥ And now to the goodies! :D

• First, there are 3 sets of recolors of MissTiikeri’s 3to2 conversion of Modish Kitten accesory kimonos. I put them into three sets because they’re in different styles and that way is easier to choose what you like. The mesh is included. I just realized they’re unisex, sorry for not taking previews in males, but the kimonos are the same D:

Swatches: Pyres of Varanasi / Was It A Dream? / Northern Lights

• A set of 22 t-shirts for AF on eir-sims’ gender conversion of Rented-Space’s 3to2 loose t-shirts using some of lemonlion’s textures and bands/singers logos. There are two versions of the Nirvana and Sex Pistols because I couldn’t decide which ones I liked most. The mesh is included as well, will make them for AM soon! :)

Swatches Alone Together: 1 / 2

• And last but not least, a set of eyes on Mouseyblue’s sclera and textures found in Google Search. 

Swatches Convergence

All the previews and swatches are included in the .rar (guess that’s why it’s heavy). I did a ton of recolors o.o

Thank you again for all the follows, likes and reblogs. I love you so much ;_; 



Anon requested an asian girl with short black hair.

Kaori is the proud owner of a small antique shop in Tokyo five days a week and a tour guide during weekends. She loves her jobs, but at the same time, wishes she had more time for herself. Kaori is quite interested in ceramic and porcelain pieces and also loves lemon tea.


Sorry for taking too long to finish the requests, but I don’t like the results I got with the other ones, so I will try again when I feel more inspired about them D:

I love this hair and wanted some nice pastel unnaturals to use on my sims. Retexturing hairs is growing on me, so you’ll see more of this from time to time :D

There are 21 colors, gradients and pastels, can see them all HERE, but the swatches are also included in the .rar. The mesh is a conversion of Nightcrawler 26 by Martini at MYBSims  and I used Io’s edit of Pooklet’s textures as base, then I made my own colors for most of them and used two of Pooklet’s for the black and brown gradients, as with the other hair I retextured. They’re the same and will be using them for future retextures as I couldn’t decide which ones should stay. I’ll try to see if this colors look good for males too, boys need bleached hair too! haha

Hope you like them! :D



sariadeea requested a sister for her version of Eva Green and as they should look alike, I thought that a sim version of Vanessa Ives , the character she plays in Penny Dreadful would suit (and I was dying to create her tbh). so hope you like her even when she’s the ugly sister, because sariadeea’s sim is just stunning ♥