An unexpected visitor @ anita-quinn

Hero was out side looking at the sky wearing a red shirt and a black leather jacket with blue jeans and black shoes and then he thought “Maybe I should train with Valiant and Frost and besides I never seen Frost’s human form anyway.” Hero brought out Valiant and Frost and placed the two on the ground. Valiant turned to her human form. “Come on out frost I haven’t seen your form yet. Frost turns to a man with a white beard whose surprisingly muscular. "Woah.” Hero said. Frost got into his stance ready to train Hero and Valiant gotten ready too. “Come on honey hehe.” Valiant said. Suddenly an unexpected person was coming towards Hero.


Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len - Servant of Evil (by Takuto Shindou)

Me and my girlfriend Maria decided to put people’s blogs on each character role. Here’s the line up:

Servant of Evil: Richard (The admin) (

Daughter of Evil: Maria (The admin) (

Daughter of Green: Keri (

Prince of Blue: renegadesecho (

Red Swordswoman: Anita (

Hope you guys like it.

Din's Fire //anita-quinn//

Link grunted in pain as he was struck down by a beast. the black monsters surrounding him on all sides. Magic almost out, health low….

“One more spell. That’s all I need. Please goddesses…”

He pulled himself up, leaning on his sword for support as his hands glowed red. 

“I call u-upon the Goddess of Power….. Aid me, Din! DIN’S FIRE!!!!”

With a final yell, he casted the spell, as a fountain of fire came out of his hands, knocking the black creatures back.

Exhausted, he slumped to his knees, looking up to the heavens.

“Din… Nayru…. Faore….. Please, help me….. I need to live, for the land you created. Please… h….hel….”

Exhausted, Link slumped to the ground, gripping the Master Sword tightly.