Closed RP with anita-quinn! ^U^

Rainy was perched upon a cloud, peering over the little trees below her. “Think I’ll make it rain today. It’s been a bit dry,” she said to no one in particular, hovering over the little cloud she was resting on. She placed her cool hands on the tip of it, enjoying it’s feel. She formed the substance into a little teeny sphere, swirling around and around in a rapid manner.

Where to make it rain, where to make it rain….

Where was the dryest area in Ooo… let’s see, it had rained plenty near the treehouse where Finn and Jake lived. Whoops. Also around Marceline’s cave, or at least it was only drizzling. She wanted her friend to have a cloudy area so she could go outside and get some fresh air without having to put on layers and layers of clothing, or some giant hat.

She scanned the area, only to find that everywhere it had rained. Except the Candy Kingdom. Would that even be safe?– wait, right by the Candy Kingdom- the RAINBOW Kingdom! That’s it! Surely her BFF would be home. Or would she be in Hyrule? She quickly dashed to her destination, and in a matter of minutes, she had arrived. She peered through the stained-glass windows, all the beautiful colors dancing and reflecting from the sunlight. “Heyheyhey!”, she called, dashing around each window, hoping to find at least ONE open or at least with normal glass panes. “Anita? Where are youuu? Anyone home?”


Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len - Servant of Evil (by Takuto Shindou)

Me and my girlfriend Maria decided to put people’s blogs on each character role. Here’s the line up:

Servant of Evil: Richard (The admin) (

Daughter of Evil: Maria (The admin) (

Daughter of Green: Keri (

Prince of Blue: renegadesecho (

Red Swordswoman: Anita (

Hope you guys like it.

Din's Fire //anita-quinn//

Link grunted in pain as he was struck down by a beast. the black monsters surrounding him on all sides. Magic almost out, health low….

“One more spell. That’s all I need. Please goddesses…”

He pulled himself up, leaning on his sword for support as his hands glowed red. 

“I call u-upon the Goddess of Power….. Aid me, Din! DIN’S FIRE!!!!”

With a final yell, he casted the spell, as a fountain of fire came out of his hands, knocking the black creatures back.

Exhausted, he slumped to his knees, looking up to the heavens.

“Din… Nayru…. Faore….. Please, help me….. I need to live, for the land you created. Please… h….hel….”

Exhausted, Link slumped to the ground, gripping the Master Sword tightly.

An unexpected visitor @ anita-quinn

Hero was out side looking at the sky wearing a red shirt and a black leather jacket with blue jeans and black shoes and then he thought “Maybe I should train with Valiant and Frost and besides I never seen Frost’s human form anyway.” Hero brought out Valiant and Frost and placed the two on the ground. Valiant turned to her human form. “Come on out frost I haven’t seen your form yet. Frost turns to a man with a white beard whose surprisingly muscular. "Woah.” Hero said. Frost got into his stance ready to train Hero and Valiant gotten ready too. “Come on honey hehe.” Valiant said. Suddenly an unexpected person was coming towards Hero.

Training Drill.

At the new training yard made for the Yellow-Brick Road. A bunch of test dummies and tents with bunk beds were put outside the house. Richard and Anita were instructing the new recruits. There were 40 of them in line

Richard: I didn’t expect so much to come… All Right! Listen up maggots! What you are going through here is going to exhaust you physically and mentally. We have the entire Immortal Team and my family to evaluate you! Now for some few rules: First you have to obey everything I say, so if I tell you to dress up in pink you have to do it with no objections!

Recruits: Yes sir!

Richard: Second: You have to respect everybody here. I don’t want any fight between yourselves or the team. I don’t care if somebody just called your mother a fat ass retard. You don’t go in fights.

Recruits: Yes sir!

Richard: Finally welcome to the Yellow-Brick Road. Now for your first test. Behind me are a few stone cottages. Anita here will keep throwing fire at them so you can train your resistance on molotov or flamethrowers.

They all entered the cottages and Anita started throwing fireballs at them. The recruits started sweating from the heat. Some of them started removing their uniforms.

Richard: Uniform removal. That will keep you exposed. Get out here! Minus points for you.

Some men started leaving the cottages. After an hour all men left the cottages because they couldn’t stand anymore.

Richard: You are weak! A soldier can resist 12 hours inside that place! Now go back to your tents and make friends or something!

They all went inside their tents really sad and unmotivated.

Anita: Don’t you think you went a bit rough on them?

Richard: The Yellow-Brick Road is the toughest camp in the army. That’s why I didn’t expect so many people.

goddess-of-power asked:

"BFF!!" Anita flopped onto the ground, face buried in the grass beneath her, "I'm BORED!!!" she groaned.

“Ah, I see! Being the goddess of fire and Hyrule must not have as much responsibilities as I had predicted…”

“Whaddya wanna go do?”

BFF! 8-D

I wanted to draw Rainy in the snow. ((Yes, I know she doesn’t need ice skates, but I felt the need to draw some fancy skates… Also, Finn, stop being a creeper in the background! -_- and Potato has a Santa Hat!!! 8-D XD)) Do you like it? :-) (I drew this in Science class and my teacher caught me coloring it, and at first I thought she would get onto me but she is like; why is she blue? Me; “Because… she’s made of… water?” Teacher; Hmmm… (Note, we are talking about substances like states of liquids and gases currently) Ok, I guess it portrays to the lesson… done with your notes? Me; “Yes.” Teacher; Carry on. I love that ice effect by the way! Me; “Thanks!” -nervously goes back to drawing- “That was a close one…” XD Do you like it BFF? Sorry, I can’t draw far away scenes very well… I’m better at close ups. :-(




I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AHHHH!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“Hey BFF!” Anita smiled, holding up the gem.  “Look what I got for ya!” she hugged her sister tightly.  “MERRY CHRISTMAS BFF!!”

“Oh my gosh- an early Christmas gift- thank you so much, BFF!!!!!” Rainy hugged her sister tightly, clutching onto the gift dearly. It was gorgeous!