you know what I do when I don’t like a character?

  • I don’t talk about them.
  • I don’t go into their tag.
  • If I see an edit of them, I ignore it.
  • I may even blacklist their name if the dislike is strong enough.

you know what I don’t do when I don’t like a character?

  • go in their tag
  • reblog edits of them just to complain
  • make posts about them
  • in general, I don’t waste my time and breath on them

it’s….it’s a remarkably simple concept

it makes life a whole lot nicer

Á̷̷̝͚̮̪̪͓͕͇̥̟̙̝͡n̴̯̯̙̯̞̟͎̕͡t̵̵̲͙̝͈͜͟͞í̟̻̳͕͉̻̯͉͚͓͜ ̖͚̼͚̹͉͕̝̠̭̩̪͎͔͖͟͟͝J̷̲̲̣̱͓̬̺̱̹͜a̵̧̧̡͔̰͚̖̞̰̰̪̙͈͎̻̻͕̭̮͡ͅc͏͔͈̤͔̼̜̤̳̳̫͔̀k̶̨͎̠̩͕̣̘̰̰̙.҉̺̥͔͈̝̜̣̰̱͉̦̰̳̝̮͍̀͠.̸̶̨̧̮̭͇̮͇͔̼̙͈̰̗ͅ.҉͝͏҉̝͚̖͎̤̠̞̗̹̮̪͇͖͎


It’s frustrating how non-Black people and even Black people think you can put Black into just one or two boxes. Like, no? Black is diverse. We aren’t all African American, we’re not all Christian. Some of us are Jewish that go through anti-blackness in the Jewish community, some of us are Muslim that go through anti-blackness in the Muslim community. You can’t put blackness into just one box. You can’t be pro-Black and ignore that there are Black Jews, Black Muslims, Black (insert non-Christian religion), Afro-Latinx, Caribbean’s, LGBTQIA+ Black people, etc. 

whenever a female/female-aligned character comes along that has only ever shown interest in other females/female-aligned people and is clearly implied to be a lesbian, people just HAVE to insist she might like guys too and pair her with them. honestly, this is a trend i want to see burn in hell. lesbians have no fucking safe spaces anywhere, not even with our own characters. and non-lesbian people seem to think they have the right to speak over us and define what is or isn’t lesbophobic. don’t you think we’re a bit tired of being told over and over that we should learn to like men, or that we will eventually? and don’t you think it’s not exactly comforting to see that exact same thing happening to the characters that represent us? do lesbians even exist to you people?


if you insist that a lesbian-coded character could be bi or pan, or ship her with a man, you are being lesbophobic 

reasons why the miraculous ladybug is gross

honestly it makes me so uncomfortable to see how popular the show has gotten on tumblr

all the nsfw has been removed bc the guy got called out but I saw all three pictures so if you wanna know specifically what the nsfw was of, I can let you know

EDIT: updated with link to post with archived nsfw in case you want proof as well as a little add ons I made

A letter from Roald Dahl on the subject of vaccinations, in 1986

“Olivia, my eldest daughter, caught measles when she was seven years old. As the illness took its usual course I can remember reading to her often in bed and not feeling particularly alarmed about it. Then one morning, when she was well on the road to recovery, I was sitting on her bed showing her how to fashion little animals out of coloured pipe-cleaners, and when it came to her turn to make one herself, I noticed that her fingers and her mind were not working together and she couldn’t do anything.

“Are you feeling all right?” I asked her.

“I feel all sleepy, ” she said.

In an hour, she was unconscious. In twelve hours she was dead.

The measles had turned into a terrible thing called measles encephalitis and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her. That was twenty-four years ago in 1962, but even now, if a child with measles happens to develop the same deadly reaction from measles as Olivia did, there would still be nothing the doctors could do to help her. On the other hand, there is today something that parents can do to make sure that this sort of tragedy does not happen to a child of theirs. They can insist that their child is immunised against measles. I was unable to do that for Olivia in 1962 because in those days a reliable measles vaccine had not been discovered.

Today a good and safe vaccine is available to every family and all you have to do is to ask your doctor to administer it. It is not yet generally accepted that measles can be a dangerous illness. Believe me, it is. In my opinion parents who now refuse to have their children immunised are putting the lives of those children at risk.

In America, where measles immunisation is compulsory, measles like smallpox, has been virtually wiped out. Here in Britain, because so many parents refuse, either out of obstinacy or ignorance or fear, to allow their children to be immunised, we still have a hundred thousand cases of measles every year.

Out of those, more than 10,000 will suffer side effects of one kind or another.

At least 10,000 will develop ear or chest infections.

About 20 will die.


Every year around 20 children will die in Britain from measles.

So what about the risks that your children will run from being immunised?

They are almost non-existent. Listen to this. In a district of around 300,000 people, there will be only one child every 250 years who will develop serious side effects from measles immunisation! That is about a million to one chance. I should think there would be more chance of your child choking to death on a chocolate bar than of becoming seriously ill from a measles immunisation.

So what on earth are you worrying about?

It really is almost a crime to allow your child to go unimmunised. The ideal time to have it done is at 13 months, but it is never too late. All school-children who have not yet had a measles immunisation should beg their parents to arrange for them to have one as soon as possible.

Incidentally, I dedicated two of my books to Olivia, the first was ‘James and the Giant Peach’. That was when she was still alive. The second was ‘The BFG’, dedicated to her memory after she had died from measles. You will see her name at the beginning of each of these books. And I know how happy she would be if only she could know that her death had helped to save a good deal of illness and death among other children.”


Welcome to Dismaland, where life isn’t always a fairy tale!

Dismaland is a sinister, dystopian and less glamorous version of Disneyland. As his most ambitious project, Banksy is clearly portraying his authentic views of the famous institution and the “evil” it posses. It is anti-capitalist, dull and clinical modification.

The exhibition includes pieces from over 50 artists from 17 different countries, which include artists such as Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer and Jimmy Cauty.

I started watching POI before i even knew who Clarke Griffin was. I started Season Five of POI fully expecting one or both parts of Shoot dying. But my level of disappointment is super high right now because the poi writers couldn’t fucking think of a better way (bullet that wasn’t meant for her) than Jason Rothenberg and the 1oo writing room that googled “bad tv tropes” as a Mad Libs story template for whatever the fuck you want to call the 1oo season 3.