I’ve only been reading the TVD spoilers thread for season 8, and I cant even do that anymore. It’s so damn upsetting. What a goddamn shit show. 

Two years of coffin porn to lead up to a complete rewrite of Bamon canon, a senseless plot about sirens, a black man playing the devil, Enzo is still pointlessly alive, humanity switches again, and STILL TALKING ABOUT FUCKING ELENA.


reasons why the miraculous ladybug is gross

honestly it makes me so uncomfortable to see how popular the show has gotten on tumblr

all the nsfw has been removed bc the guy got called out but I saw all three pictures so if you wanna know specifically what the nsfw was of, I can let you know

EDIT: updated with link to post with archived nsfw in case you want proof as well as a little add ons I made

Tired of the illogical, sexist Naruto bs. My ending is happier, BELIEVE IT!

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