anita: swedish nymphet

flowerrface  asked:

What are some good nymphety movies BESIDES the basic ones i.e : the virgin suicides , American beauty , Lolita , heathers

Hiiiii so here are some I searched up for you I hope there good tbh I haven’t seen any others than the basic ones coughsbasicbitch so i don’t know how good they are but I hope it helps
- the crush 1993
- the diary of a teenage girl 2015
-stoker 2013
-buffalo'66 1998
- Leon and the professional 1994
- Anita a Swedish nymphet 1973
- babydoll 1956
-pretty baby 1978
-tanner hall 2009

💖Nymphet Movie Masterpost💖

Ive been getting asked to do a master post of nymphet movies so here it is!!! I’m sorry it doesnt have links, (I buy all my movies on iTunes) but I’m sure if you google the title you’ll find them online! I’ll also put (Netflix) next to the ones on Netflix!! Enjoy💖

Heres a list of nymphets and the movies theyre from:

Dolores - Lolita 

Violet - Pretty Baby

Adrienne - The Crush 

Angela - American Beauty 

Mathilda - Leon: The Professional (Netflix) 

Jenny - An Education

April - Palo Alto

Sophie - Breathe In (Netflix)

Jennifer - The Babysitter

Mia - Fish Tank (Netflix)

Luli - Hick (Netflix)

Rosie & Violet - Ripe (Netflix)

Iris - Taxi Driver

Astrid - White Oleander

Cher - Clueless (Netflix)

The Lisbon Sisters - The Virgin Suicides (Netflix)

Marion - Beau Pere

Anita - Anita: A Swedish Nymphet

Twinky - Lola

Shirley - The Babysitters (Netflix)

Caroline - Daydream Nation

Layla - Buffalo ‘66

Isabelle - Young & Beautiful (Netflix)

Raquel - Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl (Netflix)