Pictures of my trip to Hong Kong and Macau!

After the study abroad trip, a group of us flew to spend 2 more weeks in Hong Kong! :) We all had so much fun just roaming around everywhere and partying with each other. It was quite an experience! :D I will definitely miss being in Hong Kong the most. I love the people and the food and…the possibilities of seeing celebrities! :P

MACAU (just one day)

All of us inside a casino called Galaxy. Amazing one! :D And I lost 150HKD in this one. T_T It was not my lucky day.

In front of the tower. I was holding bubble tea! YUM! :p


In Times Square where they built a mini Harry Potter world on the 2nd floor.

We saw FAMA filming an MV on the streets in Causeway Bay! :D I almost did not see them until my friend pointed them out. LOL Gah~

Langham Place mall! :D It was really pretty!

Then I saw Chi Lam in another mall with his wife, Anita Yuen! :D I asked for a picture with both of them but Anita didn’t want to because she didn’t have makeup on but I asked her again and she said okay, okay but don’t put it up on the internet! Sorry, Anita! :( I love you<3333

We be arcading all day errrrday! :P

Before riding the ferry. Beautiful HK scenery! <3

On Victoria’s Peak. We loved it! :D

The view was amazing! <333

Us on the Sky Terrace! :D

We had a fun beach day! :D And this picture was taken by me of course! Great jumping picture! :P

I got to hang out with my family before they left for Guangzhou.

Avenue of Stars for the second time! :) It was less foggy this time I went! :D 

All of us enjoying the nightview of Avenue of Stars! :)

Karaoke on the night before the last day of Hong Kong!