Your letters are certainly like drinks of find cold spring water on a hot day- They have a spark of the kind of fire in them that makes life worthwhile- That  nervous energy that makes people like you and I want and go after everything in the world- bump our heads on all the hard walls and scratch our hands on all the briars- but it makes living great- doesn’t it?- I’m glad I want everything in the world- good and bad- bitter and sweet- I want it all and a lot of it too.
—  Georgia O’Keeffe in a 1915 letter to Anita Pollitzer 
I think we must even keep ourselves from feeling too much

You mustn’t get so excited… You wear out the most precious things you have by letting your emotions and feelings run riot at such a rate… Dont you think we need to conserve our energies — emotions and feelings for what we are going to make the big things in our lives instead of letting so much run away on the little things everyday

Self-control is a wonderful thing — I think we must even keep ourselves from feeling to much — often — if we are going to keep sane and see with a clear unprejudiced vision —

I do not want to preach to you — I like you like you are — but I would like to think you had a string on yourself and that you were not wearing yourself all out feeling and living now — save a little so you can live always 

~ Georgia O'Keefe,  Lovingly, Georgia: The Complete Correspondence of Georgia O’Keeffe and Anita Pollitzer