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Dirty Sights Taint Pure Minds

So hey guys. Ik, i haven’t really been active on Tumblr in a million years so I want to apologize. I felt that I needed to take a break from Tumblr because it was putting unnecessary pressure on me to get new stuff out everyday. Which is something that is IMPOSSIBLE with my schedule. All in all it was stressing me out and making my anxiety flare up, something I’ve been working for the last two years to get under control. I still LOVE Tumblr, but I don’t know if I will be returning until the summer starts and my schedule relaxes. I love you all I just want you to know that, but I feel that my mental health is important. So, on a happier or smuttier note, here is my fic for Ash’s 2nd Writing Challenge. Please everyone go follow her and read her stuff. She is a really big inspiration to me just because she is an amazing writer and a supercool, openminded and understanding person. If everyone on Tumblr was like her than Tumblr would be better like magically going to school with Harry, Hermione and Ron and being their best friend. And who the frick can top that? Anyway, enjoy. I wish I had put more time into this, but I’m trying not to be a perfectionist so here is my un-perfect fic. Luv ya all! @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

Request: Me because I wanted to join in on the smutty fun of Ash’s challenge

Summary: Read whats in bold ;)

Characters: Negan, OC - Amara and OC - Anita (Negan x Amara)

POV: Third POV

Warnings: Smut. Negan’s cursing. Age Difference. Unprotected sex. 

Dirty Sights Taint Pure Minds

“You want me to make you feel like a woman, baby girl? You want me to touch your body in all the places your father told you to never let anyone? You want daddy to make that succulent cunt squirt all over my sheets over and over and over again? Do you want daddy to show you what fun we can have blind? Tell daddy you want him to fucking destroy that tight little virgin pussy of yours, baby girl.”

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坏女孩 (Bad Girl). 梅艳芳 (Anita Mui). Capital Artists. 1985.

Anita Mui (1963-2003) was an iconic Hong Kong singer and actress who is known for her cool, diva-like image, theatrical and dynamic stage presence, and evocative, deep singing voice.

Anita Mui grew up in a single-parent household with her mother and three other siblings. She dropped out of school at a young age to sing and perform on the streets and in nightclubs in order to support her family. After winning a local singing contest in 1982, Mui signed to Capital Artists and launched her career. Her fourth album, Bad Girl, released in 1985, became the bestselling album in Hong Kong for over two decades, despite the title song being banned from radio airplay at the time due to its provocative lyrics. 

Dubbed the “Madonna of Asia”, Mui won major Hong Kong music awards for seven years in a row, and held a record-breaking twenty-eight consecutive concerts during her “Ever-Changing Anita Mui” concert series in 1987. Anita Mui was also an acclaimed actress, winning a Golden Horse award for her performance as a lovelorn ghost in Stanley Kwan’s 1987 film Rouge. Unlike most Hong Kong stars, Mui remained relatively active in the entertainment industry for over twenty years, performing endlessly and taking on major acting roles up until the end of her life

In addition to her film and singing careers, Mui was also highly involved in charity work, donating large sums to various organizations and establishing her own charity, the Anita Mui True Heart Charity Foundation, in 1993.

In September 2003, Mui publicly announced that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and her intentions to beat the disease. Despite her prognosis, Mui completed what would become her final concert series in November of that year. After struggling with complications resulting from cancer, she passed away at the age of 40 on 30 December 2003.