Some WoC I wanna see in outsiders, hopefully as more than cameos

Cassandra Cain

Jessica Cruz

Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)





Artemis was created specifically for the show so don’t tell me they couldn’t have found a way to incorporate at least one these characters into the main cast. And they made Zatanna a teen why not anyone else??


Anita Fite’s background in Young Justice #32 (1/5)

My story starts with my grandmere, I suppose. She lived down in Louisiana, in the bayou, of all places. She was from Haiti originally. My grandpere got killed a few years later in an auto accident, leaving my grandmere to raise my newborn mother.

It wasn’t easy. But my grandmere, nobody messed with her. See, they all knew she was a mambo. A vodoun priestess.

About young justice
  • Everyone: I want season 3 of young justice!!
  • Me, screaming from the top of my lungs and not being heard: I want an actual show based on the young justice comics !!

{Young Justice Week} Day 5: Hanging out

Want so much in this life

There’s so much to be

We sail through our youth impatiently

Endless List of DC Fancasts (Young Justice-Comics)

Laurence Coke as Kon-El (aka Superboy) // Freya Mavor as Cassie Sandsmark (aka Wondergirl) // Sota Fukushi as Tim Drake (aka Robin) //Jasmine Sanders as Cissie King-Jones (aka Arrowette) // William Marcin as Bart Allen (aka Impulse) // Mimi Elashiry as Greta Hayes (aka Secret) //Lida Duch as Rose Wilson (aka Ravager) // Belouka Almonacy as Anita Fite (aka Empress) // Seth Atwell as Lil’ Lobo

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The Game

bring my precious babies back!

betaed by @ilovebeingintroverted and @timdrakeothy

*shakes fist at DC*

ao3        ffn

It became a game.

Really, it was all Cassie’s fault. She’d seen Robin laying in the middle of the hallway, fast asleep, a file folder in his hand. It looked as if he’d been walking down the hallway on the way to a briefing, had stopped, and just curled up to nap on the ground. She just had to take a picture.

She created a new text group on her phone and sent the picture to the rest of the team sans Robin (she knew if he found out she had a picture of him, not to mention a picture of him sleeping he’d do horrible things to her phone).

clearly some1 isn’t getting enough sleep She captioned it.

Most of the responses were immediate. Superboy sent a laughing/crying emoji. Bart sent a whole text only in emojis, which honestly was how he texted normally but most of his texts like that were completely illegible (she’d have to speak to him about that). Secret texted back ‘aww, he looks so adorable!’ and Slowbo sent a ‘whatever’ text, which clearly meant he thought something other than ‘whatever’ but couldn’t say whatever he felt because he would be caring too much.

The next picture, however really made the game take off. It was Superboy who caught him this time. Robin had fallen asleep while cleaning the Super-Cycle, a bucket of soapy water next to him and a sponge in had. The picture had the caption ‘so I guess he sleeps in weird places a lot then’ and the rest was history.

Object of the game? Take pictures of Robin sleeping in weird places without him noticing, then sending them to the group (which was now labeled The GameTM).

Way to win? Take the most pictures of him possible.

Prize? … so some areas needed improvement, okay? Nothing was perfect.

Duration of the game? Until Robin caught on.  

The game was afoot, and Young Justice loved it.

The person who took the least amount of pictures was Secret, but only because she didn’t seem to understand how. Most of her pictures were blurry to the point that no one could tell what was happening, and other times she just… didn’t understand how to take the pictures. Every time her camera got a new update she just didn’t relearn it. Next on the list was Ray, who didn’t seem to care much for the game in the first place. He took a little-less-than-moderate sum of pictures, but he also didn’t really see Robin that much so his chances were limited.

Cissie claimed to adamantly refuse to play but she and Anita combined their efforts and amassed a near wining amount of incriminating evidence. Bart took many, many pictures but they were blurry as he couldn’t stand still long enough for the camera to snap the picture. Many of them counted, but not nearly enough for him to get ahead of the running.

Tied for third were Slowbo and Cassie. Slowbo took it as a challenge, going out of his way (sometimes even stalking Robin for a couple days) just to see if he could catch him asleep while swinging through the Gotham sky. He was run out of Gotham and Robin always caught him but true to his loyalties to the game he never squealed, and the game continued. Cassie was just lucky, always walking in at the wrong moment.

Second place was given to Superboy, who (granted) spent a lot more time with Robin than more or less any others of the team. Because of this, his multiple inside sources (whom he would not name, though everyone was sure Traya knew who they were), and his inability to listen to the No Metas in Gotham rule and that he got away from it, he had a great many more pictures than the rest of the team.

The person in first place, however, was none other than little Traya Sutton. Because of her familial connection to the superhero community, as well as her own, personal, connection she had many friends (or Uncles and Aunts, as she called them) in many high places. With their help she had many, many pictures to her name, some, even, of Robin out of costume (his face and any identifiers blurred out). While Slowbo claimed this was cheating as she herself scarcely took the pictures it was still accepted (though, begrudgingly from some) by the majority of players in the game and therefore she was in the lead.

The game came to an ugly halt when Robin caught Bart trying to take pictures of him asleep on patrol, what Bart had captured instead were some rather incriminating photos of Robin and a blue and purple clad heroine. The game was found out, all pictures were burned, erased, deleted, scrubbed, etc and Young Justice was forbidden from playing the game ever again, and they never did.

But the Teen Titans played.

Okay but imagine if the young justice comics were set in the 2010s. Imagine, in an attempt to get better publicity, Cassie and Cissie had set up an instagram and vine account for the young justice members to show they werent just some super powered kids goofing off (but as expected all pictures and vines are of them goofing off or training).
Imagine the team communicating text messages when they didnt want their mentors to know their plans. Like just imagine a more modern young justice