anita brown


She’s all done!  I decided to do post-grady (she’s alive damn it!) Beth Greene pop vinyl since Funko hasn’t deigned to make one yet.

If you want to make you’re own Beth Green Funko Pop here’s what you’ll need and how.

  • Jupiter Jones Funko Pop Vinyl figure- Available on Amazon for $9.23 
  • Acrylic paints- I used Craft smart in yellow (shirt & hair), Crafts smart in Mediterranean blue mixed with Americana Zinc (jeans), Yard & garden brand in Earth Brown, and Anita’s all purpose acrylic in Dark Red (scars, blood stains)- These run about $1-2 a color.  You can go with more expensive acrylics, but I used the cheap ones and it turned out fine.
  • Apoxie Sculpt for hair pieces and braid (this is optional)- $16.25 available on amazon -price might fluctuate.  This is air dry, so you don’t have to bake it which is nice. 
  • Exacto and or sculpting tools
  • Paint brushes, variety in small sizes
  • Water
  • Sealant

Optional step

Separate head from body.  I wasn’t able to get mine off, but had I done so it would’ve made painting the body easier.  Supposedly you can soak the figure in hot water and then twist the head back and forth and it’ll eventually come off. If you break the connecting piece you can superglue the head back on. I didn’t feel like doing this because I’m kind of messy and probably would’ve glued my fingers together.

Step One

First you need to get your supplies.  If you want her hair three dimensional as I did you’ll need the Apoxie sculpt.  Apoxie sclupt is a two part clay- you take even amounts from each jar and knead it together until it’s all one color. When you first knead it it’s very sticky and it’ll become a little more workable as it dries. 

Once it’s more manageable (try giving it 15-20 minutes) flatten out your clay. I then cut out the bang shapes with an exacto and placed them on her, moving them around a bit with my fingers and pressing the end towards the middle into the head.  

For the braid roll out three trips of the clay (even length and width) and then just braid them. This is a tricky process since the clay is sticky. 

Once you have the pieces cut and positioned how you like dip you paint brush in a bit of water and use it to smooth your clay.  This will let you do some refining and take away the finger prints you got on it. 

Once done let dry over night before you begin painting.

If you don’t want to use the sculpt here is the paint only option. You just paint on the bangs instead of sculpting them.  If you wondering what’s up with her mouth this is the first one that my dog killed before I could finish so I used it for testing paints.

Step 2: Prepping for paint.

Once you sculpt is dry you may want to take some sandpaper to it to get out any rough spots.  I didn’t, but some pop customizers prefer to prime their pops before painting, but it’s not really necessary- just means more layers for the yellow, but I feel like priming it would make more work.

Step 3: Painting

Okay now that you have your Beth Greene bangs sculpted it’s time for painting. As mentioned above, use acrylics. Some people have also used airbrush, but that’s for fancy folks….or just ones who have more money to spend.  Anyway you’ll need to do several thin layers of paint on this.  Don’t over load your brushes with the paint, try to get an even amount on both sides of your brush.  The yellow shirt and hair will take the most layers, just keep going until there are no more streaks.  The pants took about two coats, 1 or 2 for the belt. 

On the boots I decided to just muddy them up since the originals are already brown. I put a coat of the earth brown and then took a q-tip to dab it to give them a more worn look. 

I then used the red and a very thin tiny brush to do the scars.  I used a q-tip to dab blood stains onto her shirt and jeans. 

Final Step: Sealant

I still have to seal my Beth pop so I don’t have sealant recommendation yet. The sealant is a way to protect and preserve your pop. You can either get a glossy or matte sealer for it- they come in brush on or spray.  Pick your poison, they both work.

Hope this helps someone and if you make your own please send me pictures!