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Don’t cha wish your Baby Mama was hot like mines!! (OMG.. at this point you guys are just going to have to prepare for my corny captions!)

My babe @theprincessjanay <33 allowed me to do her makeup in exchange for some food (FATTY!!!). We’re currently looking for a restaurant to eat at, haven’t decided what we wanna eat yet.. but i’m feeling for some tacos!!

Endless List of DC Fancasts (Young Justice-Comics)

Laurence Coke as Kon-El (aka Superboy) // Freya Mavor as Cassie Sandsmark (aka Wondergirl) // Sota Fukushi as Tim Drake (aka Robin) //Jasmine Sanders as Cissie King-Jones (aka Arrowette) // William Marcin as Bart Allen (aka Impulse) // Mimi Elashiry as Greta Hayes (aka Secret) //Lida Duch as Rose Wilson (aka Ravager) // Belouka Almonacy as Anita Fite (aka Empress) // Seth Atwell as Lil’ Lobo

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War of Hormones: A Park Jimin Fiction

Genre: Fluff | Angst (light) | Humor | Smut | Dark  | Hybrid

Rating: General | Teen | Mature

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Fandom: BTS ARMY

Fiction Notes: BTS canon AU! Slight Future Fic.

Warnings: Contains some harsh language and will contain sexual content later on in the story. Will give you feels of all kinds and some cliffhangers for my pleasure. Will add individual labels for each chapter.

Synopsis: A BTS fan has a chance to have her fantasies come true. Will she take it? Is she willing to deal with all the obstacles that will head her way if she does? Or will she opt out for talking the easy way out?

Chapter List: Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 , Chapter 8 , Chapter 9 , Chapter 10 , Chapter 11 , Chapter 12 , Chapter 13 ,  Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 , Chapter 16 , Chapter 17


Character List:

Park Jimin as Himself

You as Yourself

BTS as themselves

Hiwot Assefa Tesfaye as Anita (Ani) [Your bestfriend]

Ji Chang-Wook as Detective Song Hyeon-Gi


101 Dalmatians except with lesbians

the dogs would be lesbians too, no single dalmatian could have 101 puppies, they would both be moms who adopt extra litters in addition to their own

but roger and anita would be ruth and anita and cruella would always be like SO ANITA MET ANY HOT DUDES LATELY and anita would be like “oh you know me always with my head in the clouds and deeefinitely not thinking about kissing ladies” and then later when she marries ruth cruella is like SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC CREEPY about her queer BESTIE and her new wife except actually she has designs on the puppies and OH NO

also the dog catchers would be lesbians too

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Did you hear about Anita Sarkeesian claiming that Mad Max: Fury Road wasn't feminist?

I did not. I ceased to give Anita any consideration or attention once it became clear that she had no intention whatsoever to rationally and fairly argue the plights of female gamers regarding the representation of women in games. Anything she says at this point is essentially bait. She steals content and does zero research, she isn’t worth the effort of so much as an eye-roll.

Imagine feeling passionate about Anita Sarkeesian, in any way at all. Imagine having anything more than passive thoughts about her and her opinions. Imagine there’s no counties, and no religion too


A lot is bothering Jim when he takes Jared to visit Anita at The Oaks on Sunday. Uppermost in his mind is Joël’s demeanour when he came to pick up Jared yesterday. Jim greets the lady on The Oaks’ reception desk with a warm smile. Her name is Betty and he’s known her for a very long time.

Jim: Ah, hasn’t the weather been magical lately, Betty? How’re Bruce and the grandkids?

Poor Bruce’s sciatica has been playing up, which would explain why Jim hasn’t seen him on the golf course lately. Betty updates Jim on the doings of the rest of her family and Jim acts as interested as he would if it was his own kinfolk he was hearing about. Betty is quite flushed by the time she’s finished speaking. She has always been very fond of Jim. And of his poor departed wife Valerie, rest her soul.

Jim: Could you tell me please Betty, has Anita had any visitors this week? Aside from myself and Jared, of course.

Betty: Let’s see. There was her friend Renee Woods on Wednesday. That’s all.

Jim: Did you actually see Renee?

Betty: Yes, I signed her in myself.

Jim: So she’s had no other visitors?

Betty: No, Jim. No other visitors at all.