Theatre Ladies

Okay I’m genuinely interested so humour me and reblog this and answer in the tags…

Are you more of a Cosette or Eponine fan? Vanessa or Nina? Maria or Anita? Veronica or Heather Chandler? Which Schuyler Sister? Small Alison, Medium Alison or Big Alison? Wendla or Wendla, no other options you gotta pick Wendla she’s earned it. You gotta choose you lil jerks I’m MAKING YOU choose

Some WoC I wanna see in outsiders, hopefully as more than cameos

Cassandra Cain

Jessica Cruz

Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)





Artemis was created specifically for the show so don’t tell me they couldn’t have found a way to incorporate at least one these characters into the main cast. And they made Zatanna a teen why not anyone else??