Animation and Plans

Hi guys! What you’re looking at is a very rough sketch of an animation I’m working on for a musician. 
I bet you’re wondering to yourself “A musician?! Animation!? Are you even anithedrawist anymore!?”
Yes! I am still going to post ponies and adorable horses soon. Tomorrow, in fact! I’ve been underestimating my skills for years, so I’ve finally taken it upon myself to become a real animator.
My whole life, I’ve wanted to be an animator and a cartoonist, so I hope you all understand if this causes a delay in my regular pony-posting. This means I’ll be animating ponies too, though! If you want to keep up with my animated endeavours, please follow AniStudios! (Blog is under construction atm)
It’s my own official independent animation studio. In due time, I’ll be accepting commissions for animation as well, so please stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience. I’ve recently hit 260+ followers and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love you all and I hope you’re all as enthusiastic about my future projects as I am!