I wanted to try to paint, once again after a long time. Not happy with it, at all D: I have no idea of how to decently paint black hair, and his facial features are too “long” (even for Nicholas) though I’ve tried to fix ithem while working.
And no comment about eyes :(
Sigh, I’m sorry Nicholas, it looks like I really can’t draw you properly still. But don’t kill me, please, or I’ll never be able to do you justice u_u

#talkingwithherowncharacters #notreallysane

A quick sketch of Anisha, totally random idea I had yesterday night when I couldn’t sleep (insomnia is so inspiring). I really couldn’t do anything else, I’m particularly brain-dead.

Back to university today, we had our first lesson of the second year. We just talked with the new teacher for three hours but still I’m tired, a lot. I guess it’s because I’m not used anymore to train and bus travels XD

Now, time to sleep! \o/