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I just started crying again reading Jen’s departure interview. I can’t even explain how much respect and admiration I have for her. I’m so not ready to say goodbye to Emma Swan and I’m devastated her story is coming to a close, but this quote really stood out to me..

“I have no regrets. I really have no regrets. I have put one million percent of myself into this woman for the last six years, I have lived and breathed her, cared about her, worried about her, studied every script inside and out, tried to find every possibility, every option, everything I could possibly do, worked so closely with Eddy and Adam with every detail of her. I’ve poured my genuine honest heart into her, so I have no regrets.“ [x]

No one loves and cares about Emma Swan more than Jen does..  so if she says she’s happy with the way Emma’s story ends, I know I’ll be happy with it too. If she says she feels great about it, I feel great about it too. When it comes to Emma and her story, I trust Jen completely. I’ve said it a million times today and I’m sure I’ll say it a million times more, but I’m so thankful for Jennifer Morrison and everything she’s given to Emma Swan.. she wouldn’t be my favourite character without her. 

I had to take time to process my thoughts because I’m heartbroken over this news. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Emma Swan is a character that’s truly changed my life and Jen’s portrayal of her is everything. Emma’s been with me through my absolute lowest points - her story gave me something to hold onto, and her strength became mine through all the hard times. Jen’s been such an inspiration to me over the last 5+ years - her devotion and care for this character mean so much. It’s probably just as hard for her to say goodbye to Emma as it is for us, if not more so, and it hurts to think about.

I’m just so grateful for Jennifer Morrison and everything she’s given to Emma Swan over the past six years. I want to hug her so hard for everything because I owe this character so much. Even though Emma’s journey is ending for us, she’ll always be a part of my heart and that will never change. I’ll forever be grateful for both Emma Swan and Jennifer Morrison.

(Saying all of that, I’m still going to spend the day sobbing my heart out.) 

I never realise how crazy OUAT sounds until I have to explain the plot to other people.. 

‘So what happened on OUAT last night?’ 

‘Oh, you know.. Regina failed to bribe Mr Hyde with lasagne. Captain Hook put whipped cream on his nose to amuse Cinderella’s daughter. The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming went to a therapy session with Jiminy Cricket, and later asked Captain Hook to move in with her. Cinderella spent most of the hour running around with a shot gun. Prince Charming made a deal with Rumplestiltskin and then had a meaningful conversation about absentee fathers with Belle. The Evil Queen and The Wicked Witch continued their sibling bickering. Oh, and Snow White wants to hire Dr Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll to teach children! Worst idea ever? It ended with The Evil Queen and Mr Hyde teaming up for evil! The usual, the usual..’ 

In an attempt to focus on the positive, here are some happy thoughts/things I loved about the episode..

  1. Killian’s worried faces. Allll the worried faces!
  2. Swan Believer interaction!!
  3. Badass Captain Charming Swan strutting down the street
  4. “Everything I could ever want is right here.” AU EMMA GREW UP KNOWING HOW LOVED SHE IS I’M FINEEEEE
  5. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  6. Aladdin’s “Ew.” Same.
  7. ‘On this spot Snow White and Prince David heroically defeated the Evil Queen’ lmao
  8. Actual Disney Princess Emma Swan walking through the woods with her lil basket of flowers, humming ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’. 
  9. Aged Snowing being badass/aged Charming still being fine as hell
  10. Captain Charming bro team up YAS!
  11. Bobby as Rumple was flawless, oh my god it’s amazing how well he slipped back into S1 Rumple
  12. In fact, just the entire Golden Queen scene, that’s the dynamic between them I love!
  13. All of the pilot callbacks were A+++
  14. When Regina threw the palace doors open.. CHILLS
  15. The Charmings being together, happy and regal looking in their palace
  16. Regina and Emma being proud mama bears during Henry’s knighting
  17. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  18. JMo’s acting was on point, as usual
  19. “David! Let him go!” Captain Charming bromance was strong tonight
  20. The EQ being turned into a literal snake lmao
  22. Jaladdin were adorable

So I’m rambling but..

Emma’s not strong, brave and tenacious because she’s the saviour. She’s always been that way, it’s a part of who she is. Emma’s the saviour because she’s strong, brave and tenacious. So the wish took those things away. It didn’t strip her of the ‘saviour’ title, it stripped her of all the things that make Emma.. Emma. 

Instead, we saw Princess Emma.. unwilling and unable to defend herself and fight for what’s right, easily accepting of defeat. That person is the polar opposite of the Emma Swan we know and love, which I guess was the point? I don’t think the message was that without the curse and magic and heartache, Emma wouldn’t be that resilient, capable woman. I think the message is supposed to be that without all of the things that make Emma herself, she wouldn’t have even been the saviour in the first place. ‘Emma’ first, ‘saviour’ second.

At least, that’s how I’m choosing to see this episode. 

Dear fandom,

I never usually get involved in this sort of thing but I feel like I have to say something. Over the past few days, I’ve been saddened to see an abundance of disgustingly awful, anonymous messages being sent around.

If you are someone who is sending hate to other shippers, it has got to stop. The name calling and personal attacks have got to stop. The slurs and insults have got to stop. It. Is. Not. Okay. It’s cowardly, vile, and despicable. You do not have my support. You do not speak for me. You do not speak for this fandom. 

People tend to forget that behind every url is a person, a person who can be hurt by your insensitive, ignorant words. And people are being hurt by this complete and utter lack of any semblance of human decency. Real people are getting hurt over fictional characters. How ridiculous is that?! It’s heartbreaking, and it’s simply wrong.

Once Upon A Time is a show about family, love, hope and acceptance. It’s a show about forgiveness, redemption and treating others graciously.. messages we’d all do well to take to heart. We should be using this fandom as a way to spread and practise those inspired messages, not as a platform to spread hate. I can only speak for myself, but I truly hope my fellow fandom friends echo this same sentiment. And many beautiful people do. I see that every day I’m here. 

OUAT is *just* a show. But the fandom? The fandom is filled with incredible, wonderful, real people. People with boundless creativity and imagination, with stories to tell. People we should be fighting for. 

We are all shippers but, first and foremost, we are all people.. and a person is so much more than just their ship. I know that we’re a very passionate group, who hold strong opinions about the things we love. We’re never all going to agree on every aspect of the show and that’s perfectly okay. We don’t all have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But the very least we can do, regardless of ship or character preferences, is have the common decency to treat each other with kindness and respect. 

If you’ve been affected by anonymous hate, of any kind, I just want to extend my sincerest apologies and send you a massive hug. Keep doing what you do and loving what you love - don’t let the nasty minority steal your happiness and crush your spirits. The only way they’ll truly ‘win’, is if we start acting the way these bullies do. Don’t let them. And remember, for every one person who tries to tear you down, there’s so many more who stand against them, alongside you. You are not alone.

I’m going to step off my soap box now because I’ve rambled for far too long, but if there’s one thing I’m trying to say it’s this: please please try to find some compassion and treat each other like actual human beings. Kindness is a beautiful thing. 

With love,

A fellow Oncer and human being

When I was trying to sleep last night I developed a crazy CS headcanon..

What if when Emma and Killian meet past Killian on the Jolly Rodger, the two men are fighting. So Emma tries to break it up and get their attention and she shouts ‘Killian!’ and they both respond and one of them goes 'there’s two of us love, you’re going to have to be a bit more specific than that’ so she gets flustered/confused and shouts ’my Killian’ and he looks so happy and teases her and says ’my Killian? I like the sound of that’ and she gets all embarrassed and tries to justify herself and brush it off like 'no that’s not what I meant!’ and yeah..

Can we talk about how Emma was wearing Killian’s jacket?! 

Because that means at one point he had to have offered it to her..

And maybe he helped her put it on too..



All I want to see in next week’s episode is Killian and Charming both running as fast as is humanly possible towards a half alive Emma to try and save her. Finally reaching her and Killian, fueled by pure fear at the thought of losing her, gripping her tightly and gently rocking her in his arms. Whispering words of love and support into her hair, as if he can protect her from everything that could ever hurt her with his words alone. 

But what I want most of all? Charming in the background, completely terrified because he almost lost his little girl. Wanting nothing more than to wrap his arms around her, cradle her in his embrace and tell her everything’s going to be alright.. And he’s about to. But Killian reaches her first.. and he sees the way Killian is with Emma. The way he’s desperately reaching for her, giving her all the warmth and comfort he can offer. Caring in that moment only for her safety and well being. The crazed fear in Killian’s eyes that exactly matches his own and the way he stares at his daughter with nothing but adoration and love, telling her that he was so scared and that he just can’t lose her.. not that he needs to because it’s plainly written all over his face. 

So he hesitates and hangs back a little. Because for the first time he’s finally starting to understand the enormous depth of Killian’s feelings for Emma. Although he’s had his suspicions before (the man isn’t completely oblivious, after all) only just now does he fully realise and accept just how truly in love with and devoted to Emma he is. And then Killian looks up over Emma’s shoulder, still fiercely protective and defensive of the woman in his arms. And they make eye contact. And Charming gives him that acknowledging nod and stays back. Because as much as he wants to be there for his daughter, now he knows for sure there’s another man that always will be too. As long as Killian is with Emma, his little girl has someone who loves her and cares for her safety and happiness just as much as he does.