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derek's death was realistic tho. i know you said they showed that people die before but people always die and keep on dying all the time so it's still realistic

Right but, like I said here, we’re already well aware that people just die. We know that bad things happen and don’t need to keep being reminded of that. MerDer were the one spark of hope on the show to tell us that yeah, bad things happen all the time.. but you’ll pull through, and that no matter how ‘broken’ you think you are, you’re still worthy of love and can find happiness. So what message does killing Derek send to the audience? That no matter how hard you try, you’ll still fall? That certain people actually can’t be happy? 

Plus, this isn’t real life, it’s a TV show.. it’s fiction.. and with fiction comes a responsibility to tell the best possible story you can and to do your characters justice. And sometimes that does mean that characters die and, if written well, it can be a beautiful and heartbreaking end to a story. But this isn’t that. It was rushed, sloppy and, very obviously, quickly thrown in there because Patrick was leaving. I’m sure there are many others ways they could have dealt with his departure. Even Mark’s death (though still poorly written) was dragged out longer than Derek’s and the audience got more of a chance to say goodbye. I’m not even going to talk about Lexie because I’ll get mad.. but Derek was literally dead and gone within twenty minutes. I don’t think his death was a fitting end to such a beautiful story. To just end it like that after over a decade’s worth of his character.. a character that started this show and kept it going for some many years.. it just felt very lacking and I’m left incredibly disappointed and empty because of it. It has nothing to do with so-called ‘realism’. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one because I stand by everything I said before. 

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I finally watched GA episode last night and I'm pissed that he wasn't even taken to his own hospital. Derek was a very well known doctor, and I don't understand how none of these other doctors didn't put it together when the little girl said he was a doctor. I mean I know there is plenty of Derek's but damn it? Seriously. Mark got a whole damn episode for his passing and next weeks better show some more shit too it because I'm going to even more pissed. I can't even handle if Mer leaves.

I guess because if was the nearest hospital? But yeah, it sucked. It annoyed me more that they weren’t even really trying to save him until they found out he was a surgeon, and then they immediately rushed to help him tbh. Like his life is somehow worth more suddenly just because of that? Idk it just rubbed me the wrong way. Plus, why didn’t they check for ID in his car?! That’s the first thing they usually do once a patient is stable.. and he was on his way to the airport so it’s not like he didn’t have any on him. And what kind of doctor doesn’t order a head CT after a major car accident, when he very clearly has a head injury.. I know the whole point was that they didn’t know what they were doing but surely that’s common sense? 

And that’s what I’m saying. It’s like they’re just completely disregarding what a vital character he is. I doubt Mer will leave, though.. if Mer leaves, the show is over (though it should have ended a long time ago, let’s be real). They really can’t have Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey

Can we talk about how Emma was wearing Killian’s jacket?! 

Because that means at one point he had to have offered it to her..

And maybe he helped her put it on too..



All I want to see in next week’s episode is Killian and Charming both running as fast as is humanly possible towards a half alive Emma to try and save her. Finally reaching her and Killian, fueled by pure fear at the thought of losing her, gripping her tightly and gently rocking her in his arms. Whispering words of love and support into her hair, as if he can protect her from everything that could ever hurt her with his words alone. 

But what I want most of all? Charming in the background, completely terrified because he almost lost his little girl. Wanting nothing more than to wrap his arms around her, cradle her in his embrace and tell her everything’s going to be alright.. And he’s about to. But Killian reaches her first.. and he sees the way Killian is with Emma. The way he’s desperately reaching for her, giving her all the warmth and comfort he can offer. Caring in that moment only for her safety and well being. The crazed fear in Killian’s eyes that exactly matches his own and the way he stares at his daughter with nothing but adoration and love, telling her that he was so scared and that he just can’t lose her.. not that he needs to because it’s plainly written all over his face. 

So he hesitates and hangs back a little. Because for the first time he’s finally starting to understand the enormous depth of Killian’s feelings for Emma. Although he’s had his suspicions before (the man isn’t completely oblivious, after all) only just now does he fully realise and accept just how truly in love with and devoted to Emma he is. And then Killian looks up over Emma’s shoulder, still fiercely protective and defensive of the woman in his arms. And they make eye contact. And Charming gives him that acknowledging nod and stays back. Because as much as he wants to be there for his daughter, now he knows for sure there’s another man that always will be too. As long as Killian is with Emma, his little girl has someone who loves her and cares for her safety and happiness just as much as he does.


Good for you, Regina, for apologising. See look.. she’s trying. Change with her isn’t just going to come overnight.. it’s a gradual process. She’s going to screw up and make mistakes over and over. But she’s trying. And little steps like that.. like apologising when she realises she’s in the wrong, are what’s going to get her closer to her happy ending, as we just saw. And I’m so here for that redemption story and seeing her growth.  

So I’ve been watching OUAT from S1 with my Mum (because she’s never seen it before) and we just finished watching ‘Tallahassee’. Barely 10 minutes into the episode, as Emma and Killian are climbing the beanstalk.. she points at them and says ‘those two are going to fall in love, aren’t they? I can see it already’… 

Guys, don’t reblog posts from THIS USER. Their entire blog is reposts of other peoples gifsets that they’ve worked hard on. Just thought I’d let you guys know, since I’ve seen quite a lot of people reblogging them and maybe not realising :)


So as 2014 comes to an end I just wanted to give my favourite blogs some love and appreciation. I follow so many genuinely amazing, talented people, who make me smile and cry on a daily basis. There’s over 250 blogs I follow (blogroll) so couldn’t include everyone but I love every single one of you. I did go through bolding people but ended up bolding almost everyone so scrapped that idea. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for brightening my days and being generally fantastic. Happy Holidays everyone! Hope your last week of the year is a great one!

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I know there’s other stuff going on in the episode too but how are some people not excited for EMMA BACKSTORY!! WE’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS AND WE’RE FINALLY GETTING IT TONIGHT.