insanitysim asked:

Hi! Lovely blog ^^ I was wondering are your two cute lesbian sims (I think they're lesbians idk) with the rainbow leggings and green anir and the blonde pony tail and black leggings part of a story? And if not would you ever put them up for download they're gorgeous im not sure if they already are as im on my phone D; but if you don't wanna upload them, then that's totally fine ^^

Hi sweetie! Yes Ianthe and Genevive are part of my Harris Legacy, and I’m very fond of Gen so I doubt I will ever put her up for download. As for Ianthe, I didn’t make her, the amazing simmingwiththetide made her for my BC in the past, and when I move on to the next generation, if she ever wants to upload Ianthe for public download, that’s her call. :)