In a recent tweet, a screenshot was shown depicting Olympus Knight’s new hit mecha anime Aldnoah.Zero. The show will reportedly have its own otome game, complete with the ability to court Slaine, Inaho and possibly even others! For those who don’t know, an otome game is a dating sim ……

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First Two of Three “Madoka Magica” Films set for October 6 and October 13

If you thought that the mahou shoujou madness of Puella Magi Madoka Magica was beginning to subside, have no fear! Aniplex and Shaft have released a trailer to give us a taste of the first two movies in the trilogy, which are compilations of the original twelve episode anime hit. 

始まりの物語 Hajimari no Monogatari (The Beginning Story) will debut in theaters on October 6, and will be followed a week later by 永遠の物語 Eien no Monogatari (The Eternal Story). The final film has not yet received a firm released date, but we do know that it will be a new, original story set in the Madoka Magica universe, written by Gen Urobuchi.

Perhaps I will be able to attend the screenings of these films, as I will be living in Japan beginning in September! It may be hard for me to sit through another few hours of Kyubey’s creepy emotionless face however…..

~Mike Tamburelli

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Whoa what is that, Aniplex USA fans?! Under your feet! Look! Oh, it was just your shoes. Well now, we’ve made walking more interesting! Black Butler’s Grell Sandals! That’s right, Grell can relish the ground you walk on, because he’ll be right there! These are available now and ready to grace your feet with their presence.


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