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01. Ayumi Hamasaki is my favorite artist, and Super Junior comes right in second. Although Ayu is #1 and SuJu is #2, I always support the BOTH of them the best I can, ‘cause I love the BOTH of them so much.

02. I’m a completely Mario addicted and my favorite videogame is Super Mario World.

03. My biggest consumer dream is the ayupan number #89 special version  limited to 500 units. (click here to see a picture)

04. My favorite animal is the Orca (killer whale)

05. My favorite colors are blue and pink, and my favorite combination is black & pink.

06. I’m proud of saying I like asian music to others, and I actually have influenced some friends of mine to like some artists I like.

07. My 3 biggest biases are Ayumi Hamasaki, EunHyuk(SuJu) and Yasuno(Kra).

08. I’m so EunHyuk biased that my tumblr and twitter’s usernames are Myeolchi (anchovy), as well as my computer’s username. LOL

09. My favorite voice in Super Junior is RyeoWook’s… I really like high pitched voices (but not too much high pitched).

10. I have a closet specially to keep my stuffed toys, but I have so many that the closet is full and I can’t put more toys in it… LOL

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