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do you think all earth benders will be able to metal bend in korra?

im wondering if toph taught people after her or if the secret/art died with her

I honestly don’t know.

If I had to guess, I would say yes. There will be a lot of metal in the new series and I think the writers will take advantage of that. 

Because I was tagged LOL ;D

1-one body part that turns you on?
2-two things you’re happy about?
3-three important people in your life?
4-four things on your agenda?
5-five reasons for you to be alive?
6-six things you want?
7-seven shows you like?

1.  Smile - if you have a really charming smile, I will most likely fall for you… fast.  Especially half smiles.. oh lawd.

2.  That Jessica and I are done with our 40 minute presentation for lit - THANK YOU GOD -  andd Senior Ditch Day is on Friday! :)

3. God, parents, friends (Okay, so they’re not three people, but you get it lol)

4. Graduate, meet TW (if it kills me!), college, find him.

5. Live for God, help people who need me, to find myself, to experience love, and to live out my biggest dreams (or to attempt to).

6. Genuine love, a best friend (who’s a guy), a new phone, my license, to feel good about myself, anddd uhh, for things to work out the way they’re meant to be planned.

7. I don’t watch TV ><; but uhh… American Idol, X-Factor, BGT, FRIENDS, King of Queens… I don’t have anymore :3