W.I.P. “Sharing is Caring”

I told myself I’d only post bits of my Animorphs musical project when the songs were 100% done, but I might as well share some of the progress! I wrote almost all of this song in one full night while throwing concepts and lyrics around at @roseonapiano, whose insight and clever words were invaluable to the making of this fun jingle.

This is the introduction and first chorus to “Sharing is Caring” (it’s a working title, haha). It’s set during the beach party that Jake and friends show up to (around page 96-98 in Book 1). Jake starts to talk with Tom about his expectations towards The Sharing, and Tom sings this song as a way to describe what this youth group can do for you — and what you can do for it in return. As a number, it’s intended to look and sound loud, bouncy, and fun, while the lyrics imply subtler notions about what’s really going on. I hope to show off more for this project soon!

EDIT: Here are the lyrics!

Have you ever felt lonely, down, or depressed?

Has nothing been turning out right?

If that sounds just like you, then here’s what to do:

Just listen to what I suggest.


Just join The Sharing!

Just join The Sharing!

We’re your average group of teens who don’t like swearing!

We help our community between ages 10 to 43

There’s always room for just one more here at The Sharing!

since we're bringing back early 2000's shit here's the signs as animusic music videos
  • aries: heavy light (
  • taurus: drum machine (
  • gemini: fiber bundles (
  • cancer: acoustic curves (
  • leo: stick figures (
  • virgo: starship groove (
  • libra: pogo sticks (
  • scorpio: resonant chamber (
  • sagittarius: pipe dreams (
  • capricorn: cathedral pictures (
  • aquarius: harmonic voltage (
  • pisces: aqua harp (

you just knew it was gonna be one of the coolest days of the school year when the elementary school music teacher rolled in the portable TV and popped this sucker in the DVD player

Twelve days of Creedmas

On the twelfth day of Creedmas my true love gave to me,

12 dead horses,

11 guards fleeing,

10 glitches glitching,

9 Templar targets,

8 Animis (Animuses?)

7 Assassins leaping,

6 pirates plundering,

5 dead fathers,

4 pieces of eden,

3 revolutions,

2 indian kukris,

and a rope launcher that was truly glitch free.

(Feel free to come with suggestions on better lyrics!)

This is the next game I want to see: Something with 30% game play in the present day. A new playable modern Assassin. A bit more exploration of the modern Assassins (although I like that they’re still mostly shrouded in mystery). After years of hiding and waiting Juno begins to enslave humanity, starting at Abstergo. The Templars are controlled by Juno, though they don’t know it - and act as her enforcers publicly bringing down governments and making the human race her slaves. She begins to resurrect her species through a gigantic, monstrous machine powered by the Pieces of Eden and built by the enslaved humans. Most of the Animuses (Animi? Animae?) are destroyed. 

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