I’M BACK! Did you guys miss me? Sorry I had to sacrifice tumblr time for cosplay time, but I think it was worth it! LOOKIT ALL OF MY NIFTY COSPLAYS FROM CTCON ‘13!!

I was Sober Gamzee, Bad Batter, and Cancerpool! If anyone can find any pics of me then I will love you forever!! :3

This is the next game I want to see: Something with 30% game play in the present day. A new playable modern Assassin. A bit more exploration of the modern Assassins (although I like that they’re still mostly shrouded in mystery). After years of hiding and waiting Juno begins to enslave humanity, starting at Abstergo. The Templars are controlled by Juno, though they don’t know it - and act as her enforcers publicly bringing down governments and making the human race her slaves. She begins to resurrect her species through a gigantic, monstrous machine powered by the Pieces of Eden and built by the enslaved humans. Most of the Animuses (Animi? Animae?) are destroyed. 

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And now a classic


Original Info : [cont.] “As the planet begins to fall to the last of Those Who Came Before, a small team of Assassins hunt all over the world for the last scattered Animuses (seriously, what’s the plural?!). When the dying Minerva reveals an ancient secret that holds the key to saving the world, the Assassins race to look back through time and discover how to put an end to Juno. We would revisit every previous Assassin’s Creed protagonist and play in an untold part of each of their lives (including Desmond?). We would get to see new modern assassin locations (The Farm) and revisit old ones throughout history. We would at one point get to play as an ancestor from the First Civilisation and see what the world was like before the Toba catastrophe. We would uncover a secret that will expose the one weakness Juno has (something Sage related) and save the world, changing the war between Assassins and Templars forever. ‘Maybe you will be the one to make all of this suffering worth something in the end.’” I think this is a pretty cool idea. But I’d also like to experience the lives of some of our favourite unplayable characters… #ACConfessions

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There are so many of these animated musical videos by animusic and I cant get enough!!