animus locii

This is my favourite photo of the day on Weds - a shot with no-one acting, and no-one filming.

So, it’s my favourite. Why is it my favourite?

I’ll tell you.

I’ve walked up and down this street for any number of reasons recently, including for legitimate business and also to meet fan friends and do fan things.

For a few moments in time on this filming day, things were different though.

Ignore the chaos, the crowds, the film crew, the producers and the actors and take a deep breath.

For a moment we aren’t in the London we know here and it’s not North Gower Street any longer. We really are on Baker Street and have crossed through our computer and TV screens.

That was the privilage of the day and it is something I am not going to forget for a long time.

Repost this if you understand what I am talking about. I’m probably on my lonely own thinking about this and wonder how many people who were there shared my thoughts on the situation.