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Bokuroo week, Day 2: Inside jokes

i dug down deep for this one omg

so basically in this musical called Dear Evan Hansen, there’s a song called ‘For Forever’ and one line of the song goes like this:

“Quoting songs by our favourite bands, telling jokes no one understands except us two. And we talk and take in the view.”

so there we have it, a Dear Evan Hansen AU i guess

I… I can explain… No actually I can’t really. I just wanted to do it, and so here we are. Chikyuu Seifuku-bu as dogs. (⌒▽⌒ゞ

anonymous asked:

Your self portraits actually look like you!!! Like even when they're chibified they look like your face and you look adorbs (in real life and in your drawings) but I have no idea how to draw myself. Like, as a kid I drew an animu girl me but when I try to draw my face (nose, eyes, shape etc) accurately people are like "no you are prettier than this" and I don't know how to make my face look like my actual face (tho I think cartoon me is somehow accurate and cute too)

This might sound weird and isn’t really direct art advice….but bear with me to the end please!

For years I drew myself inaccurately because I had such a bad relationship with my body and looks. I felt an odd mix of “I wish I looked like this” with “well people wouldn’t want to know what I really look like so I’ll draw a thinner version of me.” It wasn’t until after I met my current partner and started having healthier thoughts about myself and my self image that I started honestly STUDYING what I looked like.

It was around this time I started exploring my fashion more, so that naturally meant looking in the mirror more often. I really hated how I looked, so I started small with at least liking PARTS of my body. It started with my arms, then a couple years later I didn’t really mind my face, or my monolid eyes. Eventually I even liked my thick thighs and just last week I finally had a moment where I was like “my butt is kinda cute”

So my point is this: you know how when you meet new people you usually aren’t super USED to how they look? But the more you get to know them and if their personality is good, they start looking nicer and nicer to you? You get used to their features and unique body type and start to appreciate that about them?
That’s how I learned to draw myself more accurately. I learned to get used to how I looked. I learned WHAT my body looked like. I repaired my relationship with my body and started appreciating what I had. I thought yeah, maybe I’m worth illustrating because there’s something beautiful about how I look.

Winter will be here by the end of September and I’m not ready so I’m preparing by drawing snowbunny Lucys in Natsu’s scarf~ My style is so inconsistent hahahahah ahaha haha aaa hhaha a //cries