estelada ha risposto al tuo post : Our stream for the Supercup ended right after the cup was handed to Xavi and I found out later that 1. Cesc came out with an estelada and 2. people were offended so he got rid of it.

haha ok ignoring my url for a second…did people actually get offended??

It seems they did, I found this tweet made by Cesc: “Mis compañeros me han dicho q alguien esta ofendido x una bandera q llevaba puesta. Perdon, pensaba q era una bandera catalana como todas.”  Okay…

animran ha risposto al tuo post : Our stream for the Supercup ended right after the cup was handed to Xavi and I found out later that 1. Cesc came out with an estelada and 2. people were offended so he got rid of it.

Ugh he annoyed me on so many levels after the game. And not because of the flag, though him apologizing for it was rather pointless. His other tweets irked the crap outta me & now I’m back to side eyeing him lol.

All I know about is the flag issue because I saw a headline of it on Marca while I was looking at the stuff on the match with my brother (they read Marca, I don’t xDD) and was like “WAIT WHAT.”  Then I saw the tweet posted on a friend’s Facebook, and just…no, Cesc.  No.  Don’t apologize for the estelada.  If people are offended by it, that’s their problem.

Okay, so now I’m totally curious as to what he said hahahaha.  Going to go look now.

animran  asked:

Thanks for the reply.

I understand where you are coming from. I have never supported racism & in the beginning when this whole thing came out I made it clear that if there was more substantial evidence, then he should absolutely be punished, perhaps suspended for a season, public apology & all that. However, the evidence that was provided was circumstantial & in a court of law it would not be enough to try a person. I understand the rivalry between these clubs is now bordering on hatred so most people will grasp onto anything, but I honestly don't believe he said 'mono mono'. If the situation was reversed & somebody from RM was being accused of calling one of our players such a name, I would think the same thing.

Pep said in a conference that if Busquets was proven guilty the club would be very upset & take the appropriate action & punish him. That's all a manager can say. No club in the world is going to throw their player under the bus til the verdict comes in.

UEFA stated that RM did in fact put Busi in their complaint. So I don't understand why RM posted a statement on their official website twice claiming they never did. Perhaps to try & rub themselves clean of the situation. They accused our player with something truly vile not being 100% sure themselves. Apparently the only reason they posted the video was because of our bad behavior & because we started it first? Really? I mean, that in itself tells me they never cared about the well being of their player. It sounds to me like this was a smear campaign first and foremost. Nobody knows what Marcelo's statement was. Just because he made a statement doesn't mean he was pointing fingers. He could have easily said he wasn't SURE of what was said. If Marcelo testified & said yes, Busquets actually called me this, I heard him absolutely, then I really doubt they would have dismissed the claim on 'lack of evidence.' Nobody even asked him once in the media what was happening or how he felt, nothing. Sergio Ramos gave a press conference saying he wasn't sure what happened, that only those two players know & then he even said 'those things happen on the pitch.' That doesn't sound to me like a teammate concerned.

I know Busi is a easy target & honestly I don't know what he said, but from everything that I've seen so far - my common sense is telling me there's a lot of missing puzzles & shadiness. I didn't agree w/ the way my club handled it either to be honest. We should have come out w/ a statement early on.
However, I believe this was never about Racism in the first place. It's clear these two clubs don't care about that. What they care most is off pitch drama. & If RM REALLY were concerned about this situation, they wouldn't have put it on their website knowing damn well the evidence was shaky. They did it because they knew first it would garner the kind of attention they want against us.

Whatever, it's done. We can all agree to disagree. I mean if you think he's guilty then that's fine. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

Honestly, this might just be me being RM biased, but it sounds to me like you’re finding excuses. I wish I could find someone neutral, or even better someone who is not a football fan at all, to give an opinion on this ordeal.

I do believe he said “mono mono” as do pretty much all the Spanish speaking people I have seen on tumblr and on the internet. Including cules. But, whatever. That’s not the point anymore. The point is that you think if UEFA had enough evidence they would have convicted Busquets. I don’t think that’s true. It’s pretty much world known that UEFA is corrupted. But if UEFA was able to punish Xabi, Iker, Mourinho because of some whisperings and presumptions, they also could have banned Busquets too. Hell, they banned Jerzy Dudek too who did not even play in the game just for some whispering?!

I can already see you commenting that it’s not the same because racism is something more serious. Well, think about this then: during the Real Madrid vs Tottenham match on the Santiago Bernabeu the Tottenham fans’ racial chants against Adebayor were so loud that even the cameras picked them up. Guess what UEFA did? Nothing. They claimed they couldn’t do anything because the referee didn’t write down the chants in his match report. Bullshit. Meanwhile, Real Madrid is fined 20,000 euros for pitch invasion for the first leg of the CL semifinals. Remember Jimmy Jump in the Camp Nou for the second leg? Or the throwing of the objects on the pitch whenever a RM player had the ball? Guess how much was Barcelona fined. If you guessed zero euros, correct! You win a cookie.

Also, please at “nobody knows what Marcelo said”. That’s just pathetic. The players close to him, Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo, have said that they have talked to him and he has confirmed the incident. And if Marcelo doesn’t want to go to the press with a clear statement, that’s his thing. You know, many people feel uncomfortable with these kind of stuff. You should know, considering Dani Alves has said repeatedly that it is pointless, as nothing is being done. And, there! There’s your answer as to why people (mainly RM fans, but I have also seen many cules too) about this whole deal. It’s about UEFA being corrupted, Barcelona having a terrible PR department and Real Madrid being all vague about this. I’m a bit disappointed in my club as well.

I would suggest not to take to heart Ramos’ declarations or Albiol’s or Arbeloa’s. They all said those things because they now have to convince the press that the Spanish NT is not fighting. Looking for concerned teammates? Here are some: Iker, Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Ricardo Carvalho. Happy?

lol, Busquets is an easy target? Just what does that even mean? RM didn’t care about Busquets before this. He’s an easy target because he’s a cheating player who constantly dives? Well, that’s his fault.

I think it’s weird how I see so many cules celebrating Busquets being freed from the accusations and on the other end of the spectrum I also see many cules being angry at him. Make up your own mind.