At age nine, I loved being associated with Harry Potter. I had a Hogwarts hat, a Hogwarts sweatshirt, a Gryffindor scarf, and a wand my father carved for me out of tigerwood burl. Every Halloween for three years in a row, I dressed as Harry Potter and went trick-or-treating with a plastic cauldron.

Now, I’m all grown up and rarely think about Harry Potter at all. I have no animosity towards it, but I’m still recovering from Hogwarts burnout.

And yet, I grew into a short young man with unkempt dark hair, a white scar on my forehead, green eyes, thick glasses, and a sharper tongue than is strictly necessary. There is nowhere I can go where people do not compare me to Harry Potter.

My nine year old self would be so pleased.

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am i the only CSer who actually likes regina and don't mind/respect the swan queen fandom? lana is a lovely person and some of the swan queen fandom can be very rude (and some of the captain swan fandom too) but at the end of the day people ship who they want to ship and they don't need to bring another fandom down cause they don't agree with them i just wanna say to those swan queen fandom who use respect hook (or don't shine their negativity) you are great!

No, of course not, you’re definitely not the only one. Lots of us really like Lana/Regina and many of us also enjoy the Emma/Regina relationship.

The problems within the fandom aren’t really about the characters or relationships on the show, they’re about the awful dynamic that’s developed between a lot of the fans. The truth is that the vast majority of people in both the SQ and CS fandoms are lovely, respectful people who just want to ship their thing in peace. But they’re often drowned out by the people who can’t just ship and let ship and have to try and ruin anything good the other ship gets.

The people who are the most hateful in this (and all) fandoms are also the most vocal and prolific. They’re the ones that throw hate into the tags for everyone to see or add unnecessarily nasty comments on every single OUAT article or tweet. But they’re definitely not representative of the entire fandom, they just think they are.

And I think after so many years of this dynamic, a lot of even the most tolerant people have reached the end of their tether and have started to snap. 

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i've seen people saying season 3 is going to end on the malec breakup :( i dont want this to happen

i’ve seen this too, but i just dont think it will happen - or it wont happen the way it did in the books

i wouldnt say that the immortality conflict wont come back up, it was left largely unresolved at the end of season 1 for a reason, so that might be the reason for conflict or a breakup, but i don’t think the show will follow the breakup of the books (and also they would never break show!malec up for longer than like … an episode)

my main reason for thinkin this is that it just doesn’t fit the characterisation of show!malec, especially show!alec. it was clear from the way book!alec was written that he had a lot of … growing animosity towards magnus’ sexuality. maybe animosity isn’t the right word, but it was made clear that book!alec was not comfortable with it …ah hell imma not sugarcoat it .. book!alec was a biphobic asshat and that meant that his relationship with magnus was never as solid as in the show. show!alec has made it v clear that he does not care about magnus’ past partners (read: camille), or he does, but he cares more bc of how it has affected the man magnus is today. he wants to know about them and he obviously dislikes camille but it’s nothing to do with jealousy and more to do with the fact that she hurt magnus and anyone who hurts magnus is someone who alec immediately dislikes

i just dont see how show!alec would ever a) willingly go to camille of all people, and b) betray magnus like that. for the entirety of the show, the great thing about malec is that they’ve had this open line of communication between them, they’re not afraid to talk shit out with each other, and so if/when the immortality conflict comes up, i dont see how show!alec would ever ever go behind magnus’ back, which means that the book breakup just can’t happen

tl;dr: book breakup doesn’t fit the characterization of show!malec and so idk how it could actually happen

Thinking back, there were so many red flags warning me to stay away from you yet something about you, whether it was your suavity, your deep brown eyes, your smirks, something just kept me within your fingertips. I was enamored by you and even now I am still trapped between the memories we made together. Sometimes I wonder whether you miss me or regret those words you spoke to me that night. I hope you do, because it is finally time for you to start missing me. After all, I just lost someone who didn’t care about me while you lost someone that loved you.
—  annoymous 2016

Unlike many talking animals with names in the comic, this talking Pallas Cat is nameless and has a complicated way of using the gender pronouns. Fewer than ten Pallas cats left in North America? Since the Pallas Cat originates from Central Asia, then I presume that he/she…I mean, ‘they’ was once a zoo animal before the Wake when the animals began to talk, got super-intelligent and behave like humans. 

- Animosity #3


Creeps McPasta was just robbed.

No, this is not a joke, a scheme or a fantastic gimmick of creepypasta, this is real life. CMP and I haven’t seen eye to eye in a long while, but this trumps any animosity we might have had towards each other.

Please, spread the word, and show your support. Tell CMP to keep fighting the good fight, and never to stop narrating.

Losing Creeps would be detrimental.

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Do you genuinely believe that yoongi and jimin have something going on, or do you just feel that they have more chemistry compared to other ships and hence really support the ship? No animosity intended, just really curious

at first glance, for me anyway since i stanned around debut time, you could tell that they have really good chemistry and are really close because they have that fun flirt/roast relationship and were always talking about how much they admired each other, and now you can see that they have this really comfortable vibe whenever they’re together even when they aren’t outright interacting,, but then there are a few objective things about them and their relationship that are just ????? like:

  • the fact that their on-screen dynamic is for the most part, different now
  • but they’re still very consistent in off-camera interviews when talking about each other so they’re obviously still close
  • and how it’s an Established Fact that they’re a lot closer off-camera than on it
  • so they’re often spotted alone together when cameras aren’t on them
  • occasionally revealing their hanging out which we’d never have known or even guessed about without them telling us, like daegu / sushi outings / chicken outings / ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminie’
  • body language + subtletly about skinship (being for themselves and not the fans) + general vagueness (’you know’)
  • the other members teasing them about their relationship: ‘suji’, the acrostic poem moment, namjoon mentioning them together all the time