Myanmar's Suu Kyi is missing from global meeting on Rohingya

An international gathering about the plight of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslims boasts a star-studded cast, with three Nobel Peace Prize laureates among those calling on the world to wake up to the unfolding tragedy

The 69-year-old says she is a politician and that she never sought to be a human rights champion. Critics note she is carefully choosing her battles, in part because she has presidential ambitions.

In a predominantly Buddhist country of 50 million people, where there is much animosity for the 1.3 million Rohingya Muslims, Suu Kyi (pronounced “Suu chee”) has opted to remain silent, even as the world watched in horror while more than 3,000 hungry, dehydrated Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants washed ashore in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand this month, according to the U.N. refugee agency.

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I’m concerned about people hijacking joke posts with Steven Universe stuff; I don’t want people outside its fandom to develop the same level of animosity some grew to have for mlp.

Whereas ‘Diagnosing Bill Gates’ took a somewhat lighthearted approach, there is clearly an underlying thread of animosity in Tate’s article. Calacanis is quoted as suggesting that, with Asperger’s, 'it’s almost as if you trade of intensity in one area for common decency and communications in another area—not that the person has a choice.’ Tate moves from this assessment of Zuckerberg to a further association, asking: 'To what extent can rampant abuse of user privacy among tech startups be traced to Asperger Disorder?’ Tate employs the ironic antithesis: 'Are the very Aspergers-like features that made Silicon Valley a hotbed of innovation—a relentless desire to commune with machines, a willingness to push past consumers’ technological comfort zones—turning it into an antisocial, sometimes parasitic force?’ Tate’s language echoes the fears Turkle raises about technology in Alone Together but links it to Asperger’s syndrome in order to pathologize and label the discomfort that accompanies network technologies.
—  Jordynn Jack, Autism and Gender: From Refrigerator Mothers to Computer Geeks

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what are your thoughts on destiel? sorry you probably don't like this question but I (a dedicated wincest shipper) hate the animosity between the two shipping groups and wish we could all just enjoy the show together. but yeah anyway, thoughts?

Hi friend!!! I do not mind this question one bit. I agree with you 100 percent, I think all the tension between the two ships is sad and unnecessary. I think destiel is cute and I definitely see the potential although I don’t really ship it myself. I respect and love everyone who does though, as long as they are nice to other shippers!!

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hey halsey!! i'm really interested in radical feminism and i really want to explore it in more detail and see if it answers the problems i have with mainstream feminism/non-gender critical feminism. the only thing is that post about pride not being for bisexual women dating men or vice versa made me kind of :/ and it was made by a radfem blog?? would you say there's a lot of biphobia in the community?

hi!! glad you’re interested in radical feminism, and I hope I can help in whatever way I can! To answer your question, not really, actually. I myself am bi and frankly im more upset at the amount of homophobia coming from my bi and straight sisters. That’s not to say there isn’t animosity towards bi people sometimes, but it’s almost always justified because there are some shitty homophobic bi and straight radfems who like to talk over lesbians and gay men while in relationships with men where they’re privileged as a result of perceived straightness. Honestly, I personally am not the biggest believer in biphobia as a concept, because the shit we get from straight people stems from homophobia and whatever animosity we get from gay men/lesbians is due to our own oppressor status over them. Does that make sense?

While I can see how the pride thing can come off as disconcerting, I think most radfems are of the mind that bi people are welcome at pride, as long as they don’t bring their straight partners and engage in hetero pda. The thing is, bi people in straight couples do have a fair bit of conditional privilege, and IMHO it’s really disingenuous to display that at pride, which is supposed to be for people who don’t always get the chance to safely be with their same sex partners in public. As long as bi people are respectful of gay people at pride/in radfem discussions, I think we can get along pretty well.

tbh I think that Mikasa’s relationship with Levi is probably the most well-developed relationship Mikasa has with anyone. Not to say it’s the strongest relationship she has, obviously, but it’s the one that’s gone through the most phases of development. 

No Title. -.-

Look into my eyes,

And see the enthusiasm,

See my eagerness

To retrieve what seemed imperfect,

Yet, somehow divine-

A love, so profoundly lost, broken.

Don’t you understand?

Our love was unusual, rare,

An exotic beast,

Endangered by our carelessness.

Our love isn’t dead,

Merely misplaced by our anger,


Things that develop over time,

Yet easily fixed.

It’s inconceivably simple,

If you would just see,

That, together, we could fix this.

I am determined,

Determined to find our lost love,

With, or without, you.