I've got you deep in the heart of me (3/3)
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Fuck you,” Emma says, breathing heavily. “Fuck you. I thought you got it.”

Regina shakes her head. “You don’t even get it,” she says, bitterly mocking. “You don’t know what you want. You’d rather believe in a fraud than you would acknowledge that it doesn’t matter. Isn’t that what your New York dream is?”

It’s over a year of animosity restrained, Regina’s resentment finally unleashed with the threat of Emma running, and– “You’re wrong,” Emma says, straightening. “You’re wrong about this. I always knew what I wanted.” She’d done what she’d done in spite of it, and if Regina doesn’t know that, then…

She turns on her heel, yanking open the study door and barely noticing Henry on the other side of it, gaping at her. “Enjoy your new soulmate,” she bites out, stalking toward the door. “I know he will.”

Regina says, “Go to hell,” and Emma storms out the front door, slamming it behind her.

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Today was an absolute shitshow i almost got in a wreck on the drive to work and one coworker quit, another put in her two weeks, and I am considering quitting. It's a part time seasonal job but I am so burned out and sick of the animosity and favoritism in my workplace

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So, what's up with this fandom? I'm pretty new to it and the shipping wars are nearly scaring me off. I find it bizarre. Any fandom is going to ship any possible characters that can be shipped, and probably find a way to even ship the characters that can't be shipped. I don't get the animosity.

Haha, it’s all exceptionally ridiculous. I have no idea why Reylo in particular has been such a lightning rod for backlash and anti activity, and it’s especially ironic given the nature of the previous Star Wars romances (passionate and operatic in the case of Anidala, fiery and sparky in the case of HanLeia). Star Wars romances have always been tempestuous and extreme, so Reylo fits well into the previously established mould.

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I miss the commentary on the old strips... has real life overtaken you? Too much to do?

Short answer: yeah

Long answer: I’m a politically aware person and a student of history. Since the election, everything is…different.

“Not normal” is a phrase that’s been thrown around a lot lately. It started before the election, when Trump engaged in behaviors that would have gotten any other candidate in history yanked off the stage with a hook. (Remember when Howard Dean shouted a little too loudly and that ruined his candidacy?) And since the election, what would have been obscene behavior in any politician –let alone the President of the United States of America!– has become common and, in many instances, celebrated. The same can be said of many of those who follow Trump, and their…uh…let’s just go with “embrace of divisiveness” to sum up what is essentially an enormous bonedry fuckpile of animosity towards anyone even slightly different than themselves.

But, as writers much smarter than myself have pointed out, this is normal. Persons from marginalized groups have been. Shouting. For. Years. about the deeply embedded mentalities that have allowed someone like Trump to take power. That social and cultural constructs that were becoming more progressive (Trans & queer rights beginning to be recognized? Gay marriage legalized? YAY!!!) were just a pretty veneer slapped over the rot beneath.

I didn’t listen. Before all this happened, I considered myself a woke liberal lady. But when conservative friends and relatives would say something about “those people,” I didn’t push back: I’d excuse myself and go to the restroom and hope the conversation would be over by the time I returned. Because these problems were fixing themselves, right? We were moving forward, not backwards, and my buddies would either catch up with the rest of us or atrophy out of existence.

Besides, I thought, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Look at this bullshit I wrote back in January of 2016:

I don’t think that staying silent is a good thing in and of itself. I strongly believe we each need to raise our voices and stand against problems that actively cause harm. But-and here’s the bitch of the thing-we live in a society. A society can’t exist without communication and compromise. One of the major themes in AGAHF (comic and novels) is that political polarization doesn’t help the general public. Everyone’s opinion is not valid, but that’s the magic of consensus, as the views of the majority are made valid by transforming them into law.

Well, I still believe in communication. I still emphatically endorse compromise, especially in politics, where we must sacrifice the perfect to achieve the good. But we’re now in a position in which extremely divisive views are becoming law. Not because a majority of the country wants them, but because a vocal minority took control.

You might have seen the statistic floating around that at the height of their power, only 10% of all Germans were themselves Nazis.

So, yeah. Life has overtaken me. Partially because I’m fighting depression tooth and nail. Partially because I’m now doing the protest thing, and the activist thing, and becoming active in my local political sphere–all shit that I should have done long before now, because, maybe, if I had, and if three million other people like me had, we wouldn’t be sandwiched dead in the middle of this joyless fuckpile right now.

And don’t get me started on Russia. Holy shit. Holy shit.

I’ll try and be better about updates, but it’s really all I can do to keep the comic going right now.

Hugs, faith, #RESIST

hello, hello babes! i’m lux, age 18, residing in the est timezone and i’ll be playing your resident trash, bartemius crouch jr. this is my first time playing him, so try to have some patience with me as i flesh him out a bit. that aside, i’d love to plot with you all, so hmu anytime! 

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Unlike many talking animals with names in the comic, this talking Pallas Cat is nameless and has a complicated way of using the gender pronouns. Fewer than ten Pallas cats left in North America? Since the Pallas Cat originates from Central Asia, then I presume that he/she…I mean, ‘they’ was once a zoo animal before the Wake when the animals began to talk, got super-intelligent and behave like humans. 

- Animosity #3

Thinking back, there were so many red flags warning me to stay away from you yet something about you, whether it was your suavity, your deep brown eyes, your smirks, something just kept me within your fingertips. I was enamored by you and even now I am still trapped between the memories we made together. Sometimes I wonder whether you miss me or regret those words you spoke to me that night. I hope you do, because it is finally time for you to start missing me. After all, I just lost someone who didn’t care about me while you lost someone that loved you.
—  annoymous 2016

This whole “Jess is Rory’s Luke” theory is nice and all, but y'all are blatantly ignoring the fact that clearly Paris is Rory’s Luke.


Some things I noticed:

1- That’s Liam getting punched by Ryder

2 - That’s Drack helping Ryder confront a dumb human. Don’t confront other humans with Krogan warlord bodyguards.

3 - That’s Drack flipping one of our ladies into the corner of a table. I think she get’s the point. Also ouch, that probably hurt.