There’s something that I sort of want to get off of my mind.

What happened to Finn wasn’t Seth’s fault. I think most logical prople can come to that conclusion, that wrestling is very physical and trying, that human beings are putting themselves into something that could jeopardize their health for the sake of atheticism and entertainment; it’s why we, as wrestling fans, are appalled when people dismiss our interest as being “fake”. It’s also safe to assume that there was no malice in what occured, nor animosity between these two men. They are competitors that consented to the risk, and they are friends in real life.

With that being said, our favorites and the media that we consume are not exempt from criticism. Criticism is how we now have a Women’s, instead of a Diva’s, division. Criticism is why The Rock can no longer casually spout homophobic and transphobic slurs on live TV. Criticism is why the segment where Ric Flair told Natalya to go kill herself was edited. 

It’s alarming to see some sectors of fans call for Seth’s head, as it is alarming to see other sectors of fans vocalize that Seth is exempt from critical observation. 

If two people have have been seriously injured by a move in such a short span of time, one of which had to be retired as a result, it may simply be time to re-evaluate said move. I don’t think it’s too drastic to make such a suggestion, nor is it a criminal offense to be like “hey maybe that isn’t a great thing”. The health and safety of these athletes that work hard for us is significantly more paramount over our preferences for certain people, and I believe that we can all agree on that; I also believe that civil conversation can be had, or at least some sort of understanding in the fandom can be reached about this factor. 

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There was a picture posted of kat, maxim, nicola and emeraude on set. Do you think that means we'll get Jocelyn and maryse scenes together? If so, how do you think that will go? I mean we've seen both of them in their roles as moms and Jocelyn seems like the better mother by a long shot. She's supportive, trusting, loving and her and clary clearly have a good relationship. While it's the exact opposite with maryse and izzy as we've seen. Do you think both moms will clash? Also, how do you

Pt. 2 think izzy will react when she sees Jocelyn and Clary’s relationship and compares it to her and maryses?

I imagine we will see Jocelyn and Maryse together, and I imagine there may even be some animosity between them regarding the Lightwood’s Clave punishment and Jocelyn’s escape of it when she took off. I think it will have less to do with how differently they’ve raised their children and more to do with the relationship they had between them previously. There will probably be baggage there that has nothing to do with Clary and Isabelle.

As for how Isabelle may compare her relationship with her mother to Clary’s relationship with hers - we’ve already seen that touched on in episode 5. Isabelle liked the idea of Jocelyn, while accepting that her mother was the opposite. But let’s not forget that Clary and Jocelyn will probably have their share of ups and downs. There’s a lot of lying and secrets that have to be unpacked and dealt with. There’s probably going to be some resentment.

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Imo Harry should have named him Severus Albus instead, then he could go by Sev which is a really cute nickname

Eh…I think that Harry had too much animosity towards Severus to give his child a first name.


Our brave heroes lept into action when Milos received a distress call from a friend of his. An XAS researcher by the name of Zurije Psiankowa was in trouble in one of Farside’s bio-domes, a captive of the Skeech that live there! With the help of Ranavos, Captain, and Mei Lei, Milos set out to save his friend.

But all was not well within the Heroes’ ranks. Besides the usual animosity between Captain and Ranavos, there were also arguments between Captain and Milos. Eventually, after running the wrong way and fighting things he shouldn’t, Captain became distant, sulking away from the group. Milos grew tired of it, but remained focused on their mission.

Thankfully, Zurije was relatively unharmed, and was transported to their extraction point by the mechanical cat Prowl (which Zurije greatly enjoyed). However the extraction point was near some Eldan machinery, which Ranavos nearly became distracted by. They managed to transmat back to their base, though that led Mei Lei to discover that Ranavos had not turned over the samples of the Ascendancy’s neurotoxin and omni-plasm to the XAS as he said he would.

What’s going on between Captain and Milos? And what of Ranavos’ intentions? Tune in next time!

There’s something really awesome and refreshing about the way that Dean’s talking about Dolph on commentary. A lot of times, title-based storylines get so personal and aggressive, and usually after the fallout there’s always weird residual animosity that lingers FOREVER, but Dean’s like “yeah we fought but lookit what a good competitor he is!” and THAT’S the mark of a graceful, damn good champion!

I’ve been talking to Hannibal fans on other social networks, and one thing that surprises me is the amount of animosity toward Bedelia. I understood there are some people in the fandom who do not like her, but the amount aimed at her specifically is unbelievable. Of course everyone has a different opinion, but some people said they hope she suffers in S4, which -to me- is a little extreme.

While I ship Bedannibal, I also ship Hannigram, and as such I’m a little bit of a traitor to both sides of the fandom, but I don’t care; to me, Hannibal’s relationship with Bedelia is as important as his relationship with Will, and just as interesting to watch and explore. Many people may disagree, maybe some will say “choose a side” or something like that, but I honestly believe it is important to consider all sides of a story - to ignore a character’s relationship with another is almost ignoring a side to their personality, and as we have seen Hannibal behaves differently with Bedelia than he does Will, and he certainly treats them differently to all other characters.

Yes, I realise: not everyone likes particular characters. Yes, I know: that should not surprise me. But the sheer viciousness of some fans toward Bedelia surprises me beyond words.

Thinking back, there were so many red flags warning me to stay away from you yet something about you, whether it was your suavity, your deep brown eyes, your smirks, something just kept me within your fingertips. I was enamored by you and even now I am still trapped between the memories we made together. Sometimes I wonder whether you miss me or regret those words you spoke to me that night. I hope you do, because it is finally time for you to start missing me. After all, I just lost someone who didn’t care about me while you lost someone that loved you.
—  annoymous 2016
By Royal Decree (Part 2)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 2,196

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: Hope you all enjoy this part!

As the music came to a close, you did the prince a favor and pulled away from him. You didn’t dare look back, instead making your way towards your parents. They beamed at you, their smiles making you feel a pang of guilt at feeling so much animosity towards the man who would become your husband.

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