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Okay but, "or, we’re in costume and i know exactly who you are but pretend i don’t so i have an excuse to make out with you just once" is really cool ;) ;) ;)

It should be noted that, ordinarily, making out with hot girls in dimly lit stairwells wouldn’t exactly faze him. Bellamy’s been to parties. He’s hooked up with pretty girls and guys. It’s not like it’s a novel concept, or anything.

But then again, none of those people have been Clarke Griffin.

Well, not that he’s supposed to know that, considering he’s about 80% sure that the only reason this is all happening is because she thinks he’s an attractive stranger in a gladiator costume.

It had been disorientating, really, watching her take him in with no animosity in her eyes whatsoever; dancing in the circle of his arms with her hand flitting over his chest, her hair tickling against his cheek. He had recognized her after, had bit back a surprised remark when she sidled up to him with her fingers curling over his bicep in an unspoken question.

Then they were dancing together, and he had forgotten his doubts for those few minutes, let himself enjoy being with her in a way they could never be before. He’d be lying if he said he never considered it anyway, never wondered about what could have been if they had gotten off on the right foot because it’s Clarke, and—

The next thing he knows, they’re kissing, clumsy and unrestrained as she giggles against his skin, breath warm against his ear when she asks, “Want to get some privacy?”

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Sorry I hope you don't mind but I need to vent. My dad is a major cited "expert" in politics. He supported Obama, Bernie in the primaries & his animosity towards HRC grew. I saw a "liberal" man grow into a full raging conspiracy watcher. Now I'm seeing him go on national media & do public speaking tours where he's regurgitating faux news propaganda about Hillary like she broke the law with her emails and Obama is compromised so the fix is in and creating false equivalence & it's so upsetting :(

does he also think hilz is dying for black lung? anyways, that sucks. but hey only 13 days until this dumpster fire is over and then comes.. ~madam president~

it’s also a bit of weird time for me because i’m not spending as much time with my big friend group because they all hang out/live with my ex and while i don’t have much animosity towards him i don’t really feel up to hanging out with him all the time right now. so like i’m making new friends and i especially have the support and company of my roommates but it’s definitely a notable change to not have that group of people around all the time

i dunno why people are confused about why cask of amontillado is catching on, it’s easily poe’s funniest damn story

dude says at the beginning “man. i hate this fucking guy. i’m the pettiest bitch of all time. i’m gonna get him”

and then his friend is so drunk that he’s like sure man! i’ll go into your weird Hell Cellar for some dope ass amontillado

and then he just gets fuckin walled in there with no twist at all. the twist is that the protag ended up doing what he intended to do while being completely suspicious and not at all hiding his animosity. and the clown guy is a fucking rube and had every chance to NOT die and didn’t take them. it’s fucking funny

I’ve been talking to Hannibal fans on other social networks, and one thing that surprises me is the amount of animosity toward Bedelia. I understood there are some people in the fandom who do not like her, but the amount aimed at her specifically is unbelievable. Of course everyone has a different opinion, but some people said they hope she suffers in S4, which -to me- is a little extreme.

While I ship Bedannibal, I also ship Hannigram, and as such I’m a little bit of a traitor to both sides of the fandom, but I don’t care; to me, Hannibal’s relationship with Bedelia is as important as his relationship with Will, and just as interesting to watch and explore. Many people may disagree, maybe some will say “choose a side” or something like that, but I honestly believe it is important to consider all sides of a story - to ignore a character’s relationship with another is almost ignoring a side to their personality, and as we have seen Hannibal behaves differently with Bedelia than he does Will, and he certainly treats them differently to all other characters.

Yes, I realise: not everyone likes particular characters. Yes, I know: that should not surprise me. But the sheer viciousness of some fans toward Bedelia surprises me beyond words.

Thinking back, there were so many red flags warning me to stay away from you yet something about you, whether it was your suavity, your deep brown eyes, your smirks, something just kept me within your fingertips. I was enamored by you and even now I am still trapped between the memories we made together. Sometimes I wonder whether you miss me or regret those words you spoke to me that night. I hope you do, because it is finally time for you to start missing me. After all, I just lost someone who didn’t care about me while you lost someone that loved you.
—  annoymous 2016