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About j.w. booth he had another reason. His brother was almost hit by a train, an accident which he was saved from by Lincoln's son. Booth's family was incredibly grateful to Lincoln's family (all of them but j.w. supported him and the union anyway). Booth's family pretty much only supported j.w.'s brother (they were both actors but the family only supported his brother) and after this he was the center of attention so yeah. J.w. was pissed at his family so he killed the president




Painting Flowers


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Wonder, why do we race?
And every day we’re running in circles.
Such a funny way to fall.

She had tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes were red and burning as he screamed with a broken voice. Y/N couldn’t fight back; she had already lost hers. But her voice was not the only thing she lost. She lost this battle. This back and fourth animosity. She was getter weaker everyday, and all she could do was let him win. Louis knew her weak spots, but he also knew when to stop. But this time, he wasn’t stopping.
“I’m tired of you acting like you’re the only thing that’s important to me, Y/N! I have the boys, my family, my music! I have other things besides you!”
Y/N nodded and wiped a stray tear from under her eyes. Louis rolled his eyes and ran his hand over his scruffy face and jaded eyes. Louis pushed past the crying girl and went to their once shared bedroom; slamming the door shut so hard that Y/N thought he might have broken it. She jumped at the sound, jumped at his loud sobs echoing through the house. Nothing could be heard besides each others cries. Y/N’s hands were trembling as she reached to shut off the television. Their was broken glass beneath her feet, but the pieces were too big to harm her. She curled into herself; that was all she had.

Y/N cleaned herself up and went out. She found herself at a local bar, drowning down shots with some male whom claimed to be different. He was smiling with her, laughing with her. It felt good, too. Like someone actually cared. She wasn’t important to Louis anymore… Just a wasted space. She was a spot to keep the bed warm, a person to hold instead of a pillow. She was a shadow Louis wanted. Not needed.
Louis went out, too. He happened to be at the bar across the street from where Y/N was. Louis was on his fourth beer, drowning the alcohol with a ginger haired girl next to him with vibrant green eyes and a bright smile. She was smiling with him, laughing with him. But it didn’t feel good. It felt like a girl who didn’t care; not like Y/N did. But while Louis only thought about the most important girl in his life, he knew deep down he was no longer important to her anymore… Just a waste of time. She wasn’t just a girl to keep the bed warm, or a person there just so he wouldn’t have to cling on to a pillow. She wasn’t a shadow. Louis didn’t want her; Louis needed her.
As if fate decided to punish them both, Louis and Y/N left the bars across from each other at the same time. Their eyes met almost instantly, but their eyes only focused on the people beside them. The boy from the bar was attacking Y/N’s neck, mumbling sweet nothings to her. The girl from the bar had her arms draped around Louis’ waist, smiling into his shoulder as he only glared in Y/N’s direction and she glared into his. Louis took the girl to his right, towards his home. Y/N took the boy right, towards a hotel.

If nothing is true
What more can I do?
I am still painting flowers for you.

She sat on their couch, her mind circling with possibilities. It all wasn’t true. The media lies, Niall doesn’t. He would never touch another women other than his Y/N. But she started to believe it all was real. They were close, so close that their lips were touching and his hand was resting on the inside of her thigh. She was giggling, he was smiling like he did when he first saw Y/N. Maybe she was making an illusion… But maybe reality was giving her a wake up call.
So, Y/N sat there, waiting for Niall to walk through those doors and ask her what she would want for dinner, kiss her on the lips, and put on her jacket for her per usual. But instead, Niall walked in and ran straight towards her, tears brimming in his eyes.
“It was a mistake babe, please,” he was already begging for her forgiveness.
“Were you drunk?” her voice was shaking.
There it was; the question Niall prayed and prayed that she wouldn’t ask. He had to look away from her dark eyes, his lips were quivering rapidly.
“N-no, I wasn’t.”
Y/N stood. Her legs felt like jello as she tried to hold everything inside.
“Please tell me this is just a dream because you know what’s gonna happen…” Her voice was hardly audible. Her lips touched her mouth, her hands shaking. This wasn’t happening… She wasn’t about to loos the love of her life, was she?
“Baby…” Niall gulped. “It doesn’t have to end like this-”
“Yes it does, Niall! I am not going to fall back into your trap! Maybe things would be different if you were drunk, but you weren’t.” She began walking to their room and grabbed a duffle bag from their closet, along with clothes, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. Niall was crying; she night wasn’t suppose to happen this way. They were suppose to be together, not breaking up.
“Stay,” he whispered. “One more night, that’s all I ask. I’ll take the couch…”
Y/N paused and looked at him.
“Okay… But don’t expect to wake up with me here.”
Niall didn’t sleep at all. He heard her alarm go off at eight am. He heard her collect extra things. He heard her soft tiptoes down the stairs. But the worst part of all? He heard her leave and he knew it was all over the moment he heard the door click shut.

ZAYN: (I decided to make this one based off of Zayn departing from the group.)
Throw my cards, give you my heart.
Wish we could start all over.

It was a official. He paid the money, performed the last concert as a member of One Direction, and announced his departure. It was over now, leaving fans to cry themselves to sleep, cry in the bathrooms at school and beg their parents to come pick them up, some sat shocked. No one knew what the right was to react was. The media laughed in the fans faces, kids at school didn’t care, and the fans didn’t know whether to support Zayn or hate his guts for leaving them.
Harry was still crying after he watched his best friend walk away. But Louis was taking it the hardest; feeling as if his heart was broken in two. Him and Zayn told everything to each other and vowed to be part of one anothers lives forever, and Louis couldn’t help but feel as if it were all just some lie. Niall held onto him the longest, and Liam could hardly look at him in the eyes. But they knew Zayn would be happy.
It would be a lie if the boys didn’t blame Naughty Boy for Zayn leaving; everyone did. He manipulated him. But maybe he didn’t… Maybe Zayn made his own choice. Maybe it all wasn’t because of someone else; it was just what he wanted.. what he needed.
The fans still cried even ten days after he left. Some fans were no longer supporting the solo artist, but just the four boys who carried on and promised to stay. Everyone felt betrayed. Everyone felt like they had died a little inside.
But if you love someone, let them go.

When I wake up,
The dream isn’t done.
I wanna see your face and know I made it home.

It had been ten months since they said goodbye at the airport. It had been five months since they last saw each other. It had been three months since the daily phone calls stopped, two since the daily “I love you’s” stopped being sent every morning, one since they last Face-timed, and one week since they reunited at the airport with a soft smile and a kiss on the cheek. When their shoulders would brush, nothing happened. Harry’s eyes no longer seemed to amazing and Y/N’s smile was beginning to look like everyone else’s.
“How have you been?” Harry asked. They were packing his bags into her trunk. Y/N shrugged.
“Pretty good. You?” Harry shrugged.
Despite the feelings that disappeared, it was all still some sad story book ending. They may not miss each other, but the way they use to make each other feel. Y/N missed that heavy feeling in her chest when she saw Harry, and Harry missed the rush of excitement he got when he heard her say his name. They wanted the feelings back; not each other.
“Are we OK?” Y/N asked later on that night. They had climbed into bed together. A book was resting on her lap as Harry switched through the channels and stopped on a random reality show. He put the remote down and turned to look at the girl beside him.
“I think so.” he responded. Y/N bit her lip. She began to tear up. “Y/N…”
“No, no… Stop,” she cried. “This wasn’t suppose to happen. I was suppose to feel like home, not a goddamn stranger!” she was sobbing.
“I know,” his voice was so gentle.
“This is a dream, right? I’ll wake up and you’ll be beside me, smiling because you’re in love with me and I’m in love with you.”
“I can’t say that, babe,” he sighed. He began crying, too. “Maybe we just… Maybe fate just had other ideas for us.”
“Is it over?” she whispered.
“You can’t force yourself to love someone.”
That was all it took for them to say goodbye/

Try to open up my eyes,
I’m hopin’ for a chance to make it alright.

She was blind and her heart was stuck together with tape. He lay beside her, his shirt off and his arms behind his head. She was lying on his chest, tracing circles on his shoulder. It was another night of intimacy, another trap. She would wake up tomorrow with him telling her to leave like nothing happened in the first place, then call her up next week in need of attention. Of course, she would say yes because somewhere between the late nights and heated make out sessions, she fell in love with the boy who ripped out her core.
“Why am I just another girl who blows up your phone?” she whispered.
Liam set down his drink and sat up.
“We’ve talked about this. I don’t do relationships-” he sighed.
“I know.”
Y/N needed to open her eyes. The boy beside her would never love her, not the way she wants him to. He might care, but he will never, ever, in a million years, love Y/N.
“This needs to stop,” she spoke strongly. She pushed herself off of Liam and collected her clothes on the floor of his room and put them on. He watched her intently.
“Don’t you leave me, Y/N…” he whispered. “Don’t go.”
“What do you care? I could kill myself and you wouldn’t even care if I said something about you in my suicide note.” She scoffed. Liam stood, he was in nothing but sweat pants.
“You think I don’t need you?” he rolled his eyes. “Of course I fucking need you! You’re all I have!”
“But if I wasn’t? What if you had millions of dollars, a mansion. What if you had girls falling at your feet, begging for a chance?” her hand was on the door knob.
“They wouldn’t get one, because the entire world would already know that you’re mine.”
Liam rushed toward her, cupping her cheeks and attaching their lips. Y/N wrapped her arms around Liam’s waist, bringing him closer.
“Be mine,” he whispered.
“I already was.”

I don’t like how transphobia has become a meme for teenagers too preoccupied with ignorance and irrational animosity to actually educate themselves.

“Umm if you were born a girl you’re a girl oops”

“Lol people don’t hate themselves for being trans? Let me make sure to drop a million rude comments to change that”

“Hehe if a boy can say he’s a girl then can I be a dragon xD”

I’ve said a lot of transphobic stuff myself in the past and it was just trite as hell. I’m gonna try and do better than that.

I understand that due to sites like tumblr being trans is associated with obnoxiousness and “cisphobia” and although I don’t agree with people that act that way, I also don’t agree with people trying to invalidate their identity for the sake of ones own conservative comfort.


Finding mutual ground between them was like trying to navigate to a desired destination, while you knowingly traveled in the wrong direction; getting frustrated by all the oncoming traffic as if they were in the wrong. She was sick and he wanted to know why, yet she was resistant to tell him. Even if everything Kelliann did answer with was honest, it was reserved and she quickly shut the conversation down despite his unwant to end the discussion. That was what bred animosity. What riled him and with her awake, he felt his dues paid to the act of caring for the time being . So his movements were preemptive acts to leaving when we walked from her bedside to collect his hat.

“I’ll have my ship unloaded an’ the goods we took moved to the storehouse by the en’ of tomorrow. Vengeance is turnin’ round an’ sailin’ righ’ back out again. Got a job to do.”  The crew and ship had been hired to move goods from Stranglethorn to Silvermoon. Proposed, it sounded like a swift uneventful gig to make extra coin. It would no doubt be enough to pay for the minor repairs his ship was due as well as build upon her offensively and defensively.

“You’re not leaving until tomorrow, Kurel.” She said. She had started to learn how to read his signs of anger and pain. The evasion to mockingly look at someone. He turned his back. He walked away. His jaw grew tense. He was upset with her and just as easily she was growing upset with him. “Sit down with me again and be with me.” A snap of her fingers drew a sharp turn of his head towards her. “I want your attention until you have to leave. Please.

“You can’t keep going on like this either, Darling. Fel! We can’t keep doing this to ourselves! A lot of people depend on us now, even if death is romancing us into an early grave. I need your help. I need you. A lot.” There was no bitterness to her words. Instead it was a glaze of hurt and desperation which coated her tongue. He wanted to convince himself that her declaration of needing him was something to be recognized. Something that should have sunk deeper into him, but he couldn’t feel it beyond the moment of the now. Beyond a speculation that she was just afraid by how cold the hand of death had felt when it had placed its hand on her.

“Tess is leaving and there is nothing I can do to stop her.  If I lose you, what the fel do I have? My work?” She scoffed with the sudden realization. “Wow! This is that moment when you see you’re married to your fucking job.”

Kurel removed his hat and dropped it into the seat of his chair with a slow exhale of breath. Thoughtlessly he scratched at the irritated burn marks on his collarbone, turning to approach her bed again.

You can’ keep goin’ on like this, bu’ I can.” He corrected her. “I have. Since as far back as I can remember.” At her bedside he took in a deep breath. His hands formed fists that pushed down into the edge of the mattress for support as he leaned forward. “It doesn’ get better. I don’ make promises that I’m always comin’ back. I don’ ever say that I’m goanna do thin’s safe.” It was important she understood. She had to accept it, if anything between them was going to work. He couldn’t be compromised like Jack had said he was. He couldn’t be worried with the burden of returning or not, for her sake. “Cause I ain’. I’ll do whatever it takes to see thin’s done.

“Move the fuck over.” He said on an exhale of breath; his anger more like a low simmering irritation than anything now as he laid wordlessly upon the bed with her. All she wanted was him, so that was what he gave her until she fell back asleep.

When she woke. He’d be gone.

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Hey!! I finally saw the video of zayns acceptance speech. N I think I fell for him a lil more. Lol he lookd nervous wen he cm on stage n was awkward in the beginning whr his elbow kinda knocks the award. Lol but u cud really see n fell that his speech was very true n honest. I loved how the audience cheered him wen he said hes grateful hes asian. N towards the end of his speech he held his award close to his body n kpt gesturing with hands hw thankful he is. hes so humble abt his success+

+ n then he moved off the stage n kinda askd nb to cm join him. He gt a lil awkward thr bt i fnd it cute.Lol I hd doubts abt nb. But nw I feel zayn really is good frnds wit him. Also the point whr he thanked d guys. thrs no animosity betwn Them they are all soo close. Just look at the way he talkd abt thm. All this damn rumours abt fights are media n fandom generated. Im soo happy for zaynie. Im gonna go watch sm more videos if thr are some. Or else im planning on seeing thia one on loop. :P

Yesterday was iconic and a day I will always remember. I’m so proud of him and seeing him in a good place makes me even prouder and happier. All the dumb fights have been created by the media and the dumb fandom.


happy birthday, makoto!!! (ノ ✧∇✧)╯*+:•*∴✶゚ฺ。 

birthday smooches from everyone!!