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Thank you for that post about whitewashing in fanart. I don't see it that often in Animorphs and I was very heartened by the Animorphs community at least when we fought to get a Marco who was a PoC on the rerelease covers, but it still happens and I love when it's called out. You're awesome, negl. <3

Thank YOU for this message. I wasn’t going to post it originally, but I think its an important issue for our fandom and life in general. The animorphs community is so lovely and wonderful. We’re pretty much fighting evil invasions on a daily basis. You’re all awesome and keep world suck on the run.


Animorphs Meetup, Phase 1: Ally Location

Last chance if you wanna be on the animorphs tumblr map! Drop an anon of your state(orwhatnot) in my ask.

Next phase: Con takeover.

PS. I really want to reply to some of these cuz ya’ll are cuties but I dont wanna clog your dashes.