animorphs dream cast

animorphs dream cast | wakeema hollis ; cassie

“yeah, we’re just animals ourselves. but we’re the animals who can think. we’re the animals who can imagine something better than kill or be killed. i don’t think predators are immoral. i’m not an idiot, whatever you may think. but i’m a human, okay? and i have to think and care, and i have to feel things.”

animorphs dream cast | tyler posey ; marco

“i’ve always said you make a choice in this world. you can see the world as being tragic, or you can see it as being funny. some things just flat-out aren’t funny, of course. but with very few exceptions, you can usually find the humor in life and in people. i guess if you want to see the world as being sad, terrible, unfair, boo-hoo boo-hoo, that’s fine. but man, what kind of life is that?”