ok tho but visser three

visser three, on at least one occasion that we know of, saw a completely innocuous animal hanging around in a completely normal place for that animal to be hanging out, and proceeded to flip out, MORPH into some sort of alien creature, and CHASED IT.  Without having any actual proof or indication that said animal was, in fact, an Andalite bandit and not a completely normal animal.

Given that he had no actual reason to suspect the animals that actually WERE our intrepid heroes, we must assume that this was not the first nor the last time he did this.

Basically, I want you to keep in your mind the image of Visser Three flipping out, morphing, and chasing completely normal animals across California on the regular.

Because that’s fucking hilarious.

Tumblr Animorph Ppl! Need help!

I’m gonna make this project thing for my digital writing class and would like some suggestions. So the basic idea is to use different mediums to re-mediate a text (in this case different chunks of animorphs). The first one is a “text” project.

So my idea is to make a fake sub-reddit thread following yeerk/animorph activity. (remember the book where they found a website about controllers and shit, anyway-side note if some one could tell me which book that was thatd be cool)  So like ppl telling stories about Animorph sightings - seeing them morph, weird animal activity, battles, glimpses of Ax etc - and maybe some yeerk survivors or ppl seeing yeerks/ ppl get infested. Also be cool to have creepy posts from the Sharing discrediting the other posts, links to the Sharing subreddit and such.


If you want to give me suggestions for things to include: made up stories, book references that I should use, fake usenames, general ideas, stuff about reddit manners (ive never used reddit sooo) what ever, that would be rad


you can write some fake posts or submit graphics/videos that i could use in the subreddit that’d be amazing! and it would actually make me look super good!

NOTE: your participation IS NOT helping me cheat this is a digital media class, we’re all about internet stuffs. One of the methods for this project that was brought up by our professor was archiving other ppls tweets/posts or collaboration so i thought crowdsourcing material from the fan base would be rad

Animorph Andalite

GIANT DISCLAIMER: I have personally never read Animorphs, nor do I know anything about Animorph’s plot, characters, or world-building.

So, why did I draw an Andalite? I did it for a penpal (and fellow awesome artist–check out their stuff!!!!!) @lackofa. They challenged me, since I have never read the books, to draw this alien species based solely on written descriptions. It was a fun exercise piecemealing this alien
dude from various animals to fulfill the features described
in the wikia–human, mantis shrimp, koala (fun fact, they have two sets of thumbs), sable antelope, kudu, okapi, and scorpion. 

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Jake
Looks like a cinnamon roll but would actually kill you: Tobias
Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Cassie
Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Rachel
Sinnamon roll: Marco
Would actually kill you for a cinnamon roll: Ax