Reason 5 million why I love the Animorphs.

The Andalite Chronicles

I always wanted to know exactly how Visser 3 got his Andalite host body and not only do we get to know his Andalite name, we get to know his back story and the events leading up to the war and his infestation and Visser 3’s yeerk name and just EVERYTHING.

Not to mention we see Elfangor and Loren’s romance~

KA Applegate is my queen.

Animorphs AU

Can we talk about an AU I just had a brain bolt for? I mean, if not, sure. But can we please.

Can we talk about AU where Rahel is the leader? Where the Yeerks aren’t ready for a sudden blitz of fighters. Where there’s not a break in the fighting, in the short crappy trades. The yeerks lose more and more creatures before they start changing their entire ways of fighting. They stop going out with only 3 or 4 guards. They force the yeerks to work on marksmenship with their hosts. They increase defenses around the Yeerk pool.And even with all of the high tech upgrades, the Yeerks still never manage to stop the fighting. The animorphs branch out. Marco uses the anarchists cookbooks to make explosives. He makes napalm himself, along with pipe bombs and a shaped charge that helps them when they want to dig down into the yeerk pool. They use the shaped charges to completely decimate the tunnel they started, collapsing the tunnel and creating a landslide into the munitions area of the yeerk pool.  Marco and Tobias started peppering the Yeerk pool with napalm and thermite, carrying bits and pieces of it in their talons. While that was happening, Jake and Ax worked in tandem to get a chunk of plastic explosive onto Visser Three. Rachel spent that fight morphed Hork Bajir, waiting for Marco and Ax to finish their operation before she intends to sacrifice herself to ignite the napalm in the yeerk pool and the explosives on the Visser with a lighter Tobias had brought with them. The Visser loses an arm both stalk eyes and a large chunk of his left flank, his tail barely hanging onto his body.

When reinforcements show up, the animorphs leave, and they spend the next three days wondering what happened, if the Visser lives. A week later they end up with a death toll of just Yeerks, no hosts harmed except for Alloran, of over 800. Esplin has been demoted to Visser 13, and has been pulled off of the invasion of Earth. He’s put on what the Yeerks refer to as “nap duty.” He watches Kelbrid Space for activity, and rages at his loss of power. Hedrick Chapmans Yeerk is put in charge of the invasion, along with a appointed councilor to prevent any major snafus like the prior visser. Tom Berensons Yeerk, Sub-Visser 57 is appointed to this task. Tom rises in the ranks, and despite all of the changes, still ends up on the blade ship of his superior with an Animorph. But this time it isn’t his cousin, it’s his little brother. Jake goes lion, Tom goes snake. Tom kills Jake with a snake bite, and is crowing his victory until Cassies wolf jaws snap around his neck. She dies to the polar bear. Jake and Cassie’s parents are stunned, and come together in their grief. When they find Jake and Cassies license officially marrying them, the adults accept it without a break in stride, already so close in their shared grief. They still send each other Christmas cards.

Tobias is still stuck as a hawk, but Rachel manages to convince her mother that adopting the Red Tail that has a broken wing will be good so it doesn’t die. Tobias loves all of the girls, but he always loves Rachel most of all. He ends up helping Rachel watch her sisters. He sometimes whispers to them when they cry within his hearing. He speaks soft words of comfort to Sara after she breaks three bones in her foot. When Jordan ends up with her period for the first time and she’s busy crying about how she’s dying, and how no one is home, and how she wanted to live to at least kiss Marco once, Tobias is there to help, going to find Rachel, and telling her to skip fourth and fifth period and get home, NOW. That it was an emergency and that she needed to help her sister. After Rachel turns 16, she moves Tobias into her room, citing that he was “her” hawk to her mom. For the first few weeks, Rachel still covers Tobias’ cage with a thick blanket, but after a while, she stops. She flaunts herself to him. And after the first night she leaves the blanket on the floor, instead of on his cage, she falls asleep in his arms, and every time she wakes up, his arms are around her, and his lips press against her forehead, a muttered “I love you,” always on his lips.

Rachel and Tobias end up married, Tobias still a hawk most of the time, but more and more comfortable in his human body. They grow old together, with 4 kids. Alan is their first born son, Jakie was their first daughter. Cassidy was their second son, and Tammy was their second daughter. They die within a year of each other. Rachel dies first, at 85 to a sudden heart attack. Tobias dies to a broken heart 4 months later.

Marco  and Ax end up saving more lives then they ended during the war. Ax used him human morph to donate organs, morphing them back after they were gone. Marco sunk millions of dollars into tech research, but only to groups that worked with people from every nation, and he started  what would later become one of the most well though of political moves, breaking down old rivalries and barriers. Marco and Ax pushed for world wide cooperation, because we were no longer the only thinking groups in the universe, and some of them were scary.

Watching Episode 16 of Season 6 of Supernatural. The one with the slug that crawls in peoples ears and takes them over. And the enitre time, all I’m thinking is YEERK, IT"S A YEERK. And I really want a crossover fic now where this thing is what all Yeerks are. They aren’t E.T.’s, they’re monsters. Same with the HB and Taxxons.