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Random Facts about me:

5. I’m in love with animals.

I was vegeterian for almost 2 years but sadly broke that 2 years ago!

i was also pesceterian for about a year

At this point i do eat chicken and fish but that’s it.

No Pork, Beef, Lamb, Goat etc. YUCKKK. (haven’t had pork since i was like 5)

I used to help out at an animal shelter in California

I LOVE seeing wildlife and as nerdy as it seems i take time to actually plan wildlife expeditions (like the one i took yesterday to Rattlesnake point)

I have ONE dog right now but i’ve had up to 4 dogs at one time.

I don’t believe in fur at all and stay organic as much as i can 

Sorry, random thought which was sparked by my ubber exciting trip to the zoo tmo :D

anonymous asked:

Herkesin hayatı normal. Benimle anormal olmaya var mısın?

:)) anormal nasıl oluyor ki  animler bugun costu :)

queenofsnark replied to your post: hey um i’m tryiing to come up with soe…

Get one of those “things to do that aren’t drugs” pamphlets from a middle school guidance counselor and do everything on the list #sortofjoking

i’m gonna look into that tbh i’m sure they have decent suggestions!

motortitty replied to your post “hey um i’m tryiing to come up with soemthing that’s fun to do for each…”

learn a magic trick,go for a walk,volunteer at an animal shelter (to play with animls)

i’m gonna look into local animal shelters and ooh i like the learn a magic trick one. i know walking is good and healthy but going for a walk means potentially running into people which i am not ready for