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Random Facts about me:

5. I’m in love with animals.

I was vegeterian for almost 2 years but sadly broke that 2 years ago!

i was also pesceterian for about a year

At this point i do eat chicken and fish but that’s it.

No Pork, Beef, Lamb, Goat etc. YUCKKK. (haven’t had pork since i was like 5)

I used to help out at an animal shelter in California

I LOVE seeing wildlife and as nerdy as it seems i take time to actually plan wildlife expeditions (like the one i took yesterday to Rattlesnake point)

I have ONE dog right now but i’ve had up to 4 dogs at one time.

I don’t believe in fur at all and stay organic as much as i can 

Sorry, random thought which was sparked by my ubber exciting trip to the zoo tmo :D

anonymous asked:

lmfao when did halsey even say she was vegan? and as long as that mac lipstick isn't being sold in china (and she said to her knowledge that it isn't), what is the big fuckin deal? halsey isnt the only one releasing a mac lipstick either so where's all the backlash for the other girls? 👀 ps thank you for dragging these assholes you are doing god's work. 🙏🏻

literally so many ppl have said theyre anti animL testing and then done endorsements w mac and where was their backlash!!! nowhere! its ridiculous

larsmo asked:

fav color? fav animal? do you have any!!! fav movies or shows you like a lot latey?! also ily !!! i hope u have a good night/ day

The color I LOve so much is maroon !!!!!!! My fave animl is probably lions !!! But I love cats & all annimals!!!!!!
I ELLY LIKE Clarence & su !!! I don’t have fave movie though ???? ILY2 AND SAME ILY

@Regrann from @greenpea___ - Since going vegan I have watched many slaughter videos and I was shocked to see over and again cows crying! They already know when they are in the queue, that they are going to die, they panic, struggle and try to find an escape route, which they will never find because the design is such that they cannot escape. Come on people..If someone is trying to run, swim or fly away from you.. You shouldn’t be killing it.. All animals (including the human) want to live.
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