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ANiMiX「 Finder no Sekiyoku 」

Fei Long, the Chinese crime lord, goes to Japan hoping to lure Akihito, a freelance photographer, into his twisted web of conspiracy and sex. But when his friends fall prey to Fei Long’s diabolical schemes, Akihito has only one person he can turn for help; the person he despises more than anyone else - the Yakuza boss Asami, who once made Akihito his sex slave. How will Asami respond to Akihito? Will he help him? And if he does, what is it going to cost him? What kind of new humiliations are in store for him? 

I really like Finder Series, so:

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  • Please support the mangaka.
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It’s all, Enjoy~ \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/~♥


The animix* will be adapted from the 3rd volume of Viewfinder, Finder no Sekiyoku or AKA Naked truth and Loveprize 2: The Labor Cameraman Takaba’s Wonderful Day! 

Release date: 28th August 2015 

*ANiMiX is a comic movie that adds spoken dialog and sound effects to manga. Traditionally, the manga to anime production process involves many third parties, making the end result slightly different from the original work. With ANiMiX, however, the original artwork and story crafted by creators is directly transformed into video format, making it a very unique experience.


Viewfinder New Animix Preview! :)

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Animix is currently at Miami for 3 weeks of Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival. Despite the split of these two festivals, it still didn’t stop us from truly enjoying the Miami experience! 

This is a special mix recorded from Miami where Anarchy Panty spins the most horniest selection of House Music out there. If you’ve been to the No Pan Party at Tokyo recently, you will love this mix!




The 11th annual Animix Festival will take place this year August 16-20 at the Cinematheque in Tel Aviv. Special features at this year’s festival include a caricature exhibition in honor of David Ben-Gurion, Oscar winning films, French film focus, films about great artists from all times, doco-animation, live music and animation, various themes (science & technology, feminism, media, fantasy), and guest workshops.

This year, the Animix festival will honor Israeli animator Noam Meshulam. Special guests include the world renowned French caricaturist Jean Planto, Denis Walgenwitz, President of the French Animated Film Association, the Palestinian Caricaturist Baha Bukhri and the American comic artist, Joe Cubert.

Children visiting the festival will have the opportunity to enjoy various musicals such as “The Whale that Sang Opera” and a tribute to the “Pink Panther.” Various workshops will also be available for children, including a nano-comics workshop together with the Weizmann Institute. During the workshop participants will meet comic artists and scientists who have teamed up together to create science inspired comics.

Workshops this year include a meeting with the Israeli production company, Crew 972 focusing on their work on Road Runner for Warner Studios. Also, Adi Cohen, a composer for film and television, will discuss the connection between film and music throughout time, the role music plays in films, and the decision making process involved in creating a soundtrack.

The festival is produced by the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, and sponsored by the Israeli Film Association – Ministry of Culture and Sport.  

The Cinemateque, 2 Sprinzak Street, Tel Aviv

For tickets, please call +972-3-6060800 ext. 0.

25% discount on tickets purchased between August 5-15.