erentier as flowerstuck!rose // elriclover96 as latula and roxy // yesthisistori as dead shuffle jade // yossyisland as mom // scaleneblimp as god tier jade // lowkitty as jade // ooohlalalonde as rose // coochiewoochie as cal // little-dl as jake

here are all the pics i got of the homestucks that stopped by my booth this weekend at animinni! please let me know who you are so i can credit you


artist alley shenanigans from the weekend! i uh didn’t take pictures of most of my sketches and commissions that i sold/gave away/included and from these it looks like i only draw people from one angle oh god 

here we see a lovely amanda as yuuuuuuuuuuuu (pronounced in my head like the “youuu” from soulja boy) and i’m the derpy dave in the top selfie. the coffee is included because it is important.

hey guys! i’m back from animinneapolis. having an artist alley table was a total blast, thanks so much to everyone who stopped by! i have some commissions to finish- and if you were one of the ones who i said i would mail my thing to, you will be getting them soon- but otherwise i’m done done done. saw some really cute people and gr8 cosplayers, made some friends, and met little kuriboh who is a fabulous individual. 

i was the dave/zacharie/dork with the OFF shirt who was selling the buttons and commissions, if you talked to me come say hi!! 

and if you got any art from me or a picture of me (some people took some when i was zacharie) i’d love it if you could upload a pic!