Naruto Shippuuden Episode 297 - A FATHER’S HOPE.  A MOTHER’S LOVE

Physical wounds will definitely bleed and may look painful, but over time they heal by themselves.  What is troublesome are wounds of the heart.  Nothing is harder to heal.  And sometimes, they never do.  There’s only one cure for a wound of the heart.  It is bothersome and you can only receive it from someone else.


                                                       – Yashamaru


Year 2022.  10,000 gamers were convinced to play an ingeniously-created online game, set in a completely virtual environment, only to find out there was no way to log out of the game until someone defeats the ultimate game’s boss at the top of the 100 game floors.

The catch: If you die online, you die for real.

GAARA IS DEAD.  Naruto is helping Old Chiyo revive him with a powerful ninja technique, not knowing that Old Chiyo’s life is sacrificed in return.

This perhaps is one of the best tearjerker moments in anime history.

NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN.  The First 32 episodes will always be my favorite.


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 256

Gaara, Kage of the Sand Village, leads the newly-formed Allied Shinobi Forces as Commander-in-Chief of all battle units.

The Fourth Great Ninja War has just begun.

Gaara will always be my most beloved Naruto anime character.  His degree of character development surpasses even that of the main character himself.

Plus his jutsus kick ass.

Nice to have you back with more screentime, Gaara-sama!

Who decided to stop Fairy Tail episodes after 175?

A genius!

Learn from it, Naruto and Bleach makers! Your worthless fillers will lose you fans.

Stop making crappy episodes just for the airtime money.  Us loyal fans won’t mind waiting.

The anticipation is excruciatingly addicting.

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 303 - GHOSTS FROM THE PAST

“.. But we have been constantly fighting against something way tougher.  A rival called the future.  Ghosts from the past don’t even stand a chance.”

                                                  – Shikamaru

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 261: FOR MY FRIEND

After inspiring the whole shinobi battalion to set aside their differences and fight for the good of the world, Gaara of the Sand leads the newly formed Shinobi Allied Forces off to war against the unfathomable army of the Akatsuki.

Most of this episode was eaten by the military and emotional speech of Gaara to his enormous troops from different ninja villages who just can’t get along with each other.

But he is Gaara, so I forgive him.

The action starts next episode.  Hurrah!

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 252

Akatsuki leader Tobi comes back to the Hidden Village of Rain to claim the dead body of rare Rinnegan user Nagato.  Konan, who hid Nagato’s body from the Akatsuki, attacks Tobi head-on in an attempt to kill him in a paper jutsu explosion - even at the cost of her own life.

This is what REAL FRIENDS do - protect each other even after death.

Paper jutsu looks very interesting.  So uncommonly simple yet so mysteriously complex.  Even I can’t describe it well.

If I were to have a jutsu, I’d have the paper thing as my 2nd choice.  Of course, wood jutsu still tops my list.  But paper is made from wood, so they are sort of related somehow, so why argue with myself.

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 298 - CONTACT! NARUTO VS. ITACHI

The mark of a true shinobi is that they do not seek glory.  They protect from the shadows.

                                                       – Uchiha itachi

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 299 - THE ACKNOWLEDGED ONE

Becoming Hokage doesn’t mean people will acknowledge you.  But when people acknowledge you, you can become Hokage.

                                                  – Uchiha Itachi

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 265: AN OLD NEMESIS RETURNS

Kakashi’s unit encounters the reanimated bodies of Zabusa and Haku - two formidable foes from the past.But instead of them having their emotions and feelings retained, the evil Reanimation Jutsu user Kabuto removed their human emotions so as to make them unstoppable killing machines.

Before their memories were erased, both Zabusa and Haku could still remember Naruto, the child who defeated them through a change of heart.

And Haku is definitely gay.Yeah, he is a boy dressed as a girl.


one of my most favoritest fight scenes: ubogin v.s kurapika!! so different with the manga!!!

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