This is the secret DashCon promo I was talking about! animetrashlord and I collaborated on this wtnv screenprint! I did the Desert Bluffs part and Jack did the Night Vale part! AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. I’ll post better pictures of it when we get back~

We will be giving these out for free when you buy $25+ from our table this weekend! We will not sell it by itself and will only give it out as a promotional item. While supplies last!

Once upon a time I was falling in love with Revolutionary Girl Utena, much like how Utena wanted to become a Prince. 

After I finished watching the series, and the movie, I decided very quickly that I needed to show my love and appreciation for it (all my feels needed to have a physical form.) Now what better way to do that, then to bring together people and create a very pink, rosy, kick-ass fanzine? In my head, there is no other way really!

So I give you Take My Revolution! A Revolutionary Girl Utena Fanzine curated by me, with stunning art by my incredibly talented IRL and internet friends! <3

Take My Revolution features breathtaking art by:

You can currently purchase Take My Revolution from my online store at-


-for $12 CDN (plus shipping of course!) And if you’re located in Toronto, or the GTA, and you’d like a copy, drop me an email at, because I travel to a lot of zine fairs with the books! (So I could put one on hold for you!)

Anyways, Thank you so much for reading! Any reblogs would be really great to spread that Utena love and tell your friends!




Flight Patterns | A Daisuga Fanbook
Pre-orders Open!

A 32 page, full color illustration, all DaiSuga travel themed artbook featuring the work of 10 artists is now up for pre-order!

A special “First Class” Edition that comes with extra bonuses is also available! 

The date of pre-order ending is February 13th. We plan to ship the books out sometime during Early- Mid March.

Participating Artists:

@electricprince, @kierlia, @kuikune, @this-puppy-flies-too, @andyzambie, @penkipenguin, @bottlenext, @kitkatsgalore, @animetrashlord, @misslucid


misslucid and animetrashlord are going to be at Otakon 2015!! Our table is U-12 we are in the corner by the bathrooms HAHAHA hA

We got kinda screwed over and got a limited table meaning we aren’t ~*supposed*~ to sell fanart, but we are bringing it anyways so just ask us and we can do some sweet anime fanart transactions under the table ;^)

I will be debuting Avialae Ch 1 there (if I get the books from the printer?) and we are going to try to keep our kagehina doujin, Lost & Found, on the table, but if it gets taken down, just ask. 

Look for our giant gay banners and either maid rinrei or kagehina cosplayers. Or a goth fujoshi and a small man.



Yooo animetrashlord and I will be at DashCon this weekend! We are at table #26 in the Artist Alley and will be selling our gay wares. (The pics above are just my stuff. Jack will have other lovely homo items~)

I am a literal vampire and have purple/black hair so I’m pretty easy to recognize. We will also be cosplaying as shota sailor Rei and Nagisa at some point wahahaaha

And…we have a secret promo print we will be giving out with purchases $25 and over at this con. I will post it soon~~~



I’m throwing a cybermonday/whatthefuckever sale on my storenvy from now until Dec 6th! I have a few new things in there, including a rinrei zine me and animetrashlord did, a few new small prints, and a discounted combo pack of my Free! portraits!

ALSO: I have VERY few of my Teen Wolf sterek zine left, and I’m running low on the Metamorphosis! fan book (I’m reserving most of them for cons), so if you want those I’d get ‘em quick!

I’m also retiring some of my older prints (mostly the Teen Wolf ones and a few others) soon, so check 'em out before they’re gone.

Become a $5+ Patron and get access to Lucid’s monthly previews/sketchbook!

June pdf is up on my Patreon! Includes Avialae pages 63-69! Though if you’re a $10+ patron or have bought the PDF you’ve already seen them. ;^)

Also has a page from the kagehina doujinshi animetrashlord and I are making. We may have…started a doujinshi circle… (there’s nothing there now but we will start doing previews/updates there)