So my friends did me a huge favor and got me this R18 YOI comic by @misslucid and @animetrashlord Since I couldn’t make it to Otakon this year.

I’m in love. This scene is the purest I’ve ever seen in a doujin. They are so in love?

I really want to get more of their works, especially if they make more YOI doujin.

Please support these two amazing artists! Together they are and deserve all the praise for their hard work!

EDIT: it’s called “Eros” and they sell it in the link I posted above!

OKAY!!!! Here are my treasures from Otakon this weekend, plus some lovely, amazing extras (including a tiny barn owl whose name is now Bokuto) from @inbetweenwars who is The Nicest (thank you thank you dear for putting up with me and also for being so thoughtful)!

All are notable, but I wanted to shout out to @luckyjuicepress and @misslucid (creator of @avialaecomic ) and @animetrashlord (creator of @thistlewine )!These two were SO lovely and nice and I don’t know how I kept myself from buying everything because I was screeching internally, if not out loud at all of their art! (they had a DUMPLING!HINATA!!!!! They know what’s up.) (Y'all need to read their comics okay it’s an order.)

Other purchases include a surprise Seung-Gil, a Sushi Sidon, a happy third-year-ish KageHina pin (that both @inbetweenwars and I could not resist) and a sparkly Flower Boy Tobio! He’s sitting in a magnolia flower, which is symbolic for royalty!!! They are my best boys! I’m so pleased with my purchases!

Had a great, great time and although it was exhausting in certain ways it was great to see so many passionate people in one place!