Truth of Yasu revealed in a manga article of Ep8

Beware of major major MAJOR spoilers below the cut!

Translated by hagaruma on AnimeSuki. Also we get the confirmation that Yasuda Sayo is her real name, yayyy. As well as certain things she’d inherited from Kinzo which were never dealt with in the original VN…

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As I said, I’m aware that Aniplex is pumping ungodly amounts of money into this.

If this is indeed 25 episodes and they keep this quality level, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this was the most expensive anime ever produced.

However as you also stated, ufotable does deserve alot of credit for this. Very few studios even with the proper money and time could pull something like this off. The only three I could think of is KyoAni, Madhouse, and Production IG. Even then I have my doubts as to whether Madhouse and Production IG could pull this off.
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Higanbana First Review?

Review by banban (translated)

I just finished playing. I don’t really want to spoil to much, so…

Or rather, I don’t know how to do hidden text. (bitter smile)

This is my first time posting.

To begin with, I haven’t read the manga of Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni. But I heard on the net that it was supposed to be a horror story without any mystery.

I don’t really like horror, but I bought all of Higurashi and Umineko, so I thought I’d give it a try.

So I got my hands on it. My heart was pounding while I played it.

How do I say this… When I finished, I was dripping with tears.

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What other people seem to condemn as illogical or stupid in this show, I accept and enjoy as part of the show’s style.

Not everything has to be constructed like 19th-century naturalistic fiction. We post-20th century readers/viewers can accept stories that sketch characters rather than drawing them in detail, and that jump quickly from event to event, rather than hand-holding us through everything.

Conveying the feelings of the characters is what counts, and this show is doing it, for me.
—  Submitted by branduil

I can’t believe that the studio would do this. This is a betrayal that will never be forgotten. I will never forget. To pull something like this is to plunge a dagger into the backs of all its fans. Manglobe will lose sales, and rightfully so. There’s a fundamental loss of trust when a company acts in such an irrational manner. I can’t believe, still, that they chose to betray their fans by acting in such a willful manner. The contract between studio and viewer is broken, forever. Manglobe is forever destined for failure. This is a supreme betrayal. I can’t believe, literally can’t believe, that they would have this “purple girl” victory.

e: I still can’t believe. My fundamental belief in anime as a viable source of entertainment has been forever sullied. Manglobe has not only shot its own foot, it has shot the feet of anime everywhere. I don’t think I can watch anime anymore, nor can I be an anime fan.

—  Submitted by branduil
Ei Aoki magazine interview (SPOILERS)

Found this on Animesuki. Sadly, I can’t find who translated it.

>Q: What change did Slaine’s mind go through ever since the first episode started?
His maxim is essentially “I want to help the princess”. That desire naturally continued to exist in his mind until the end of the story, but because of his meeting with Count Saazbaum, new values have grown inside of Slaine. Saazbaum is the powerful ringleader behind Asseylum’s assassination attempt; as far as Slaine is concerned, he’s an enemy he should be attacking. But to him there’s a greater cause: “I want to improve the lives of the people residing on Mars”. And so, touched by his way of thinking, inside of Slaine’s head there’s a conflict between “loyalty towards the princess” and “the great cause that Saazbaum stands for” that results in a waver in his values; I think that has something to do with saving Saazbaum’s life during the final episode when he was about to be defeated by Inaho. However, as a consequence of that, one can say that Saazbaum, whose life he had saved, shooting Asseylum turned out to be an ironic ending.

>Q: Does that mean that by saving Saazbaum, Slaine chose the lives of the people of Mars over Asseylum’s life?
No; Slaine’s action was something he did in the spur of the moment, I don’t think he put that much thought into it. Saazbaum was in a critical situation. Moreover, his opponent was the fated “Orange”. To Slaine, he was someone even more unfamiliar than Saazbaum. Of course that saving Saazbaum was what ended up bringing the worst possible result, but if we think about the circumstances of it, we can’t really blame Slaine… At any rate, how Slaine will change after taking in that ending could be one of the future highlights.