Nome do anime: School Days 
Número de temporadas: 1
Número de episódios: 12
Gênero: Romance, Seinen, Tragédia, Harém e Vida Escolar
Status: Completo
Minha nota: 7/10

Sinopse: Makoto Itou é um estudante do ensino médio que admira à distância a garota Katsura Kotonoha, que pega o mesmo trem para ir à mesma escola que ele. Ele coloca a foto dela de fundo no celular, mesmo não acreditando na lenda que diz que se ninguém descobrir por três semanas, o amor será correspondido. Já no primeiro dia, a colega curiosa Sekai Saionji descobre a foto e decide ajudá-lo a sair com Kotonoha.Sekai promete ajudá-lo a sair com Kotonoha. Quando finalmente faz os dois ficarem juntos, Sekai começa a mostrar seus proprios sentimentos depois de descobrir que o garoto que Kotonoha gostava era, por coincidência, Makoto.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

I’ll start of by saying that while this anime has a lot of good elements to it there is a bit left to be desired when it comes to the overall show itself. The story centers around a steam smith named Ikoma who along with others is attempting to rid the world of undead monsters whom have super strength and rib cages which make it difficult for revolutionary era weapons to do any sort of damage. One day Ikoma finds himself and others being overrun by the monsters and he quickly draws them toward his home where he decides to use a secret weapon he had been working on in the hopes that it will finally be able to pierce the monster’s ribcage. In the middle of being attacked he is able to kill a monster and shoot a bullet straight through its heart, but his excitement turns to horror as he realizes that he’s been bitten. He quickly stops the virus from spreading to his brain in an effort to save himself from it and while it does work he finds that he now has super human strength just like the monsters he has been fighting. He must find a way to convince the others that he is still himself while also using his new found technology to help them gain the upper hand.

The Characters

There are a lot of likeable characters present and their personalities differ vastly and play a part in their decision making, but there are some problems of note. While you do get to know each one of the main characters bit by bit I get the feeling that the anime itself was rushed. Without giving to much away in terms of storyline I will say that a lot of things that should have been explained much sooner about the characters are left toward the end of the anime which makes it difficult to get the full scope of each character and an explanation of their actions. I feel that the anime itself would have done far better had it been within twenty four episodes instead of twelve. It felt vary rushed and the character development was lacking in a lot of areas. While this was indeed the case I will note that the animators did a fantastic job with the body language of all the characters and you can really see the parts of their personality come out in their body language and the way they speak to one another throughout the story. It is important to note however, that some characters don’t really have a back story at all even though they play a large part in what happens in the story itself and this became very frustrating at times. It felt as if they were only half finished and that they were forced to try to fit all of the characters in a much shorter run time then they could have hoped for. Also worth noting is the fact that there are some jumps in character personalities that are left unexplained and while this is good in some aspects it leaves you guessing in others. The character reactions are believable based on their personalities and that is one true positive that I can take away from this, but it doesn’t change the fact that you get the feeling that more time was needed for everything to come full circle and connect together. I didn’t find any of the characters to be too overbearing and repetitive and that was also something that I had come into this expected, but for the most part I didn’t find it. At the end of the day it is what it is and it’s far from the worst way I have seen characters done with a short runtime such as this.

The animation
This was without a doubt the best part of the anime itself. The animation from the start was beautifully done and the animators did a good job of piecing things together. They added close ups at the right moments and also included detailed backgrounds when they were necessary to grasp the entirety of the situation. The background detail was a lot more focused then I would have expected and it was clear that a lot of time was spent trying to create a believable setting. Given the amount of action throughout the anime I didn’t see things to over the top in terms of combat sequences and when the action was happening it was very well animated. The amount of detail on the outside of the trains and the inside made things fit together nicely and allowed for the addition of side characters that could show their reactions throughout the story. I can honestly say with this one that overall it was some of the best animation work that I have seen in a while and even when a lot of things were happening on screen you still saw a lot of detail work being put in. There were a few episodes here and there were the color seemed a bit off, but for the most part it was very well done. The facial expressions were great throughout the anime and the body movement of the characters matched their emotions well. I don’t feel like this part of the show was rushed at all and it makes me really believe that had they had more time to work this really could have been something that was up there as one of the better shows this year.

Rating 6/10

While there are a lot of good elements to this anime there are a few reasons why it received such a low rating from me. The first and foremost being that it is almost a carbon copy in many ways of Attack on Titan, without giving to much away, you will see just how much when you finish watching it. This isn’t a complete surprise since it is by Wit Studio who, you guessed it, helped make Attack on Titan. While it’s not surprising in any way given the success they had with Attack on Titan it is a large disappointment. They could have taken this storyline in a much greater direction then they did and instead went with their tried and true method of success. They didn’t push the envelope like they did the first time around and while the show is worth a watch if you liked Attack on Titan don’t expect anything of that caliber to come from this. As stated beforehand, this show felt rushed after a few episodes and it’s strange to me that they would attempt to fit a show like this into twelve episodes. I’m sure they had their reasons for it, but it takes away a lot from the anime itself. It’s worth a watch and it does have some good elements, but if you’re not feeling another story like that of Attack on Titan without many new elements I would steer clear of this one.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on a few new projects that I will have posted up really soon, but in the mean time I thought I would share some more anime news with all of you. Fans of Persona will be happy to learn that Persona 5 will be making it’s way to America on Febuary 14th of 2017, so if you’re looking to pick up a copy of a the game be on the lookout. Newly slated anime Qualidea Code will make it’s debut on July 9th and Scared Rider Xechs will debut on July 5th. After mentioning that it was in the works Bananya has slated it’s anime release for July 4th and there are many more in the works that have yet to announce their offical primear dates. On a side note, if you’re a fan of the megaman franchise like I am you will be happy to learn that Might No.9 finally has some viewable gameplay featuring the the first stage of the game. It’s been in the works for some time now, but after a couple of delays it’s on pace to be shipping within the next month. That’s all the anime news I have for you today, have a great week everyone!