Anime overload
Is such a nice con even though it’s small
Everyone is very nice and I love it
Everyone seems to like my cosplay even though they are simple and lazy cosplays like my bro cosplay form homestuck or my umbreon cosplay which is only a mask and jacket.
Everyone compliments me and asks for pics and I just love them all for making me feel so awesome
Anime overload is a awesome con and I recommend it to everyone

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I’m going to Anime Overload this weekend.

This is only the second con I’ve gone to just for fun rather than sell anything, so if anyone wants a willing person to show up at a panel I’d be happy to support you and/or your friends. Especially if it’s Hetalia.

(Don’t let me just wander around the dealer room because my bank account can’t take it.)

Hey guys! Anime overload is tomorrow, figured I should post our lineup 😋 Friday: Naruto Saturday: cop Rin and jail Nitori Sunday: Ciel and Alois Also, I am excited to say that I am the official videographer for this con, first time as a staff member! So pumped! 😄 see you guys there! #cosplay #ciel #alois #naruto #rintori #animeoverload #ao #lineup

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One of my more challenging shoots. It wasn’t @kittychancatorie fault, she did an awesome job and her cosplay was awesome as well. The location was just really hard to work with but we managed. Check out her work to see her other cosplays!
Since I won’t be attending any conventions tell New Years, I’ll be slowly posting cosplay photos I forgot to upload.
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